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Topic: Bushnell ONIX 200 one day sale
started by: JJW

Posted by JJW on Dec. 23 2009,3:27 am
www  woot  dot com
Bushnell ONIX 200 GPS System with TruView Navigation
$59.99  plus $ 5.00 shipping

FYI: here is part of woot's sales pitch

"Right now, some of you are lost. Lost like little sheep, bleating in the Alps. “Hellllp meeeeee,” you bleat. “Iiii’ve got nooooo presssssannnnnts annnnd I donnnn’t knnnowwww wherrrrre Iiii aaaaammmm.” Wow, are you annoying. But we’re still going to help you anyway. We’re going to tell you to buy this Bushnell Onix 200 BEFORE NOON CENTRAL, and that’s going to solve all your problems.

Because if you do buy this Bushnell Onix 200 BEFORE NOON CENTRAL, it will go out Next Day Air. That means that once you’ve bought this Bushnell Onix 200 BEFORE NOON CENTRAL, you’ll be sure that you’ll have it in your hands before Christmas, which makes it the perfect answer to your little gift problem.

Additionally, the Bushnell Onix 200 will help show you the way to wherever it is little lost sheep want to go. The basemap of the United States and Canada covers most of the places you’ll be driving, and you’ll have room for up to twenty satellite/aerial photos and twenty topographic maps to help you along. You’ll also be able to set user profiles and alarms, should you want to share with your flock. The 32 megabytes of memory and 320×240 full color LCD screen are more than enough to help you see where you are, and figure out where you have to be. And it’ll all come to you Next Day Air if you order BEFORE NOON CENTRAL like a good little lamb."

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Posted by DudleyGrunt on Dec. 23 2009,6:14 am
Thanks, JJW.  I'll have to share this with the rest of my caching family.  Once again, they at least have an entertaining write up.

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