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Topic: Long & detailed, or short & basic logs?
started by: Cracker7M

Posted by Cracker7M on July 08 2003,6:43 am
Just wondering what people think about LONG detailed logs.
I am still a newb, but I am already bored with the standard "Great-hide,coords-right-on(or-way-off),took-something-left-something, thanx-for-a-great-hide" logs.

I've found that I really enjoy reading a story about someones trip to a cache. Especially the ones I've been to.....

I've started leaving long logs, but wonder if this might not be seen as a good thing. Of course, I dont mention details specific to the exact loaction or manner in which the cache is hidden. I guess I mostly describe my experience on the way to and from the general cache area, and dont get too specific about the immediate cache area.
So what do you all think, and why?

Here's a few examples:
< example 1 >
< example 2 >
< example 3 >
< example 4 >
< Blame Rocky as my inspiration for his log on this one >

I dont expect I'll be doing this for every cache I do, just the really good ones... :)

Posted by PC Medic on July 08 2003,7:56 pm
Just like there are many variations of caches, I think there will be many variations of log entries. I have seen some as short as "Found It", and others with the finders life story. I personally like those that not only tell a little about the experience, but also a little about the finder (where they are from, etc)
Posted by cenobite07 on July 09 2003,10:50 pm
On my caches, I like to see a bit more than the "I found it" logs. I'm still a newbie myself and I like to see what people thought of the caches I put out. This will help develop new ones.... ???

As far as the logs I leave, it depends on the cache. I try to be as descriptive as possible in logs so the owner can enjoy them again along with me. I prefer those that challenge me a bit and I want to reflect the enjoyment in my logs (my not-so-subtle way of encouraging more like them).

I will seek all local caches but I do try to spend a bit more time logging those I enjoy most.

Just my humble 2 cents worth..... :p

Posted by South Cache on Aug. 07 2003,10:24 am
I am with cenobite07 I like some info more than just I found it.  I try to give some info of the hunt or my knowledge of the area or something I learned while visiting.
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