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Topic: Favorite Type Of Cache
started by: PC Medic

Posted by Guest on Oct. 28 2001,6:15 pm
As Geocaching has grown, many different types of caches have emerged.
Of those listed here which is your favorite?

Posted by Gimpy on Oct. 28 2001,9:06 pm
I really like them all, but I think I prefer the singles. Just something about being able to plan the cache hunt with the aid of topo software at home before heading out. A lot of the hunts I go on, I seem to squeeze the time frame into my schedule. It's difficult to allot somewhere between 2 & 8 hrs. for 1 cache hunt, not knowing how long it will actually take. I think there's too much possibility of error on the multi's. Too easy to interpret directions a little different than the cache owner intended. Easy to make mistakes in addition, multiplication, etc. by both the seeker & the cache owner that posted the instructions. Like the hitchhiker caches a lot too, but they kind of lose their allure when cachers don't post there travels & you lose track of them. Never tried a virtual.
Posted by Quinn on Nov. 22 2001,8:50 pm
If I can slip away from the family for a few hours then by all means I like a nice Multi Waypoint type of Cache. Maybe one that requires some brain work to figure out the next coordinate location, but when I say some brain work I mean some, as this is all I have to work with :D  Another type of cache I like is also the single waypoint Cache, but I prefer it to be a bit on the tough side, like maybe a long hike to locate, or maybe hidden well which requires some search time while at the coordinate posted. I don't think there is too many types of caches that I don't like. With much of the year where I live covered with snow, I would like to figure out several new ways to keep us Northern cachers busy. I remember walking over a mile in a snow storm once to locate a Cache, I got there fine and was sure i was in the right location, but because the snow was so deep I had no chance of finding the Cache. I returned in the spring and was able to log it just fine, and as it turned out I was only a matter of feet from where it was covered in snow. :o
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