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started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Aug. 09 2001,7:23 pm
I am kind of Interested in finding out what the farthest cache is that you guys have found and logged distance wise based on your home address. Mine would be about 260 miles from me in the Albany, NY area. though if I had a few more minutes today I would have went after one in NYC. I take my gps with me everywhere as it comes in handy for street nav-ing as well as those geocaching moments.
Posted by Road Kill on Aug. 09 2001,8:51 pm
Do Florida, Iowa & Illinois Count? I think you mean by car or a trip for the sole purpose of caching. That being the case I traveled about 350 miles in Chicago for the sole purpose of 10 caches twice and 200 miles for 3 caches once.  Florida was a similar story about 350 miles but only logged 2 caches. found 1st & 3rd, missed the 2nd and turned away on the 4th.  BTW Florida was hot & muggy which makes it difficult to grin.  Oh yes scout - Find/Hide Ratio 16. Is that good or bad?

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Posted by Scout on Aug. 09 2001,8:51 pm
How about farthest distance traveled to hide a cache? I have a couple that are over 1000 miles, in different directions. Check out the map on my personal geocaching page (see URL below).

I can't brag any about the ones I've found. My find/hide ratio is less than 1.

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Posted by Road Kill on Nov. 30 2001,4:04 pm
Just broke my presonal record for the hide furthest from home.  Home is Perry, NY - Newest cache is in Mason City, Iowa. GPS says 787 miles away.  Though not really caches I planted two hitchhikers in Phoenix, Az  The drive back was a long one.
Posted by mikechim on Nov. 30 2001,9:44 pm
Farthers away cache I've hidden is around 2,600 miles (found would be the same) neither of those trips were solely for geocaching though.  Furtherst I've gone away from home for the sole purpose of geocaching would have to be 90 miles.  
Posted by YardBoy on Dec. 01 2001,12:49 pm
200 miles to hide several NaviCaches in WAY upstate NY (St. Lawrence county).  Also about 200 miles to find some in the Lake Placid, NY area.
Posted by Buxley on Feb. 05 2002,2:43 pm
Last summer, my sons and I went on a (approximately) week-long road trip as we do every year. This year however, we knew about geocaching.  :p

We headed east from the San Jose (California) area and found a few caches around Lake Tahoe, then at least one in each of Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon before returning back home. The total distance covered was 2800 miles. Obviously, we didn't have time for any five mile hikes, but we still had a lot of fun exploring new areas we had never been to before.

Now, where should be go this year? Hmmmm...
Posted by GPSFOOL on Mar. 01 2002,11:56 pm
:p Last August my wife went to Boston on Business.  I went along.  Free room and board on her company (WooHoo) While the wife was working I went caching around Eastern Mass. (about 380 miles from home)  I think I bagged a total of six caches.  Interestingly enough, I did notice a difference in the woods.  Different trees and some wild stuff with thorns that was growing everywhere, similiar to rose bushes but no roses (DOH).

So far, the farthest from home I've placed a cache is on Lake Charleston, Ontario, Canada, about 150 miles from home as the crow flies.
Posted by GPSFOOL on Mar. 02 2002,12:00 am
:grinnin Ok,  how about the farthest you have to travel to complete a cache?!?   I've placed one called  "The Whole Enchalada" that requires about 110 miles round trip to complete.  

Have to say, I've been disappointed in the numbers that have bagged this one.  Only 4 people have completed it.

One day last fall I bagged several caches in western NY on the same day, drove about 220 miles that day.  I gotta find someone to ride shotgun
Posted by mikechim on Mar. 02 2002,1:04 am
110 miles roundtrip to complete, nice!  I think my longest roundtrip one to complete is around I don't know 16 miles or so I plan on doing a cross county one that will probably end up being about 40 miles from start to finish (most of which will be driving).
Ohh yeah welcome to da forums
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 02 2002,4:06 am
Quote (GPSFOOL @ Mar. 02 2002,02:00 am)
:grinnin Ok,  how about the farthest you have to travel to complete a cache?!?   I've placed one called  "The Whole Enchalada" that requires about 110 miles round trip to complete.  

Have to say, I've been disappointed in the numbers that have bagged this one.  Only 4 people have completed it.

One day last fall I bagged several caches in western NY on the same day, drove about 220 miles that day.  I gotta find someone to ride shotgun

I was just discussing this very cache with someone the other day. I am almost finished with it and should have gone back when the weather wasa still nice over the summer. I am pretty much sure I have it figured out and will head there within the wek to put it to the test. I have done 90% of that cache and can say it has taken me to some very nice locations thus far.
Posted by Morseman on Mar. 02 2002,4:51 am
Furthest, so far, was Brighton on the South coast of England.  Was there with my partner as she had to be at work early on the Monday, so I took the day off, we stayed over on Sunday night andI found three caches plus a couple of dashpoints on the Monday.

I will be on holiday in Cornwall later in the year, but there seems to be only one cache, at Tintagel Castle, in that area.  So, i may create a cule whilst Im there. :oo:
Posted by Guest on July 12 2002,5:36 pm
As of right now, our farthest cache away from home that we
found was Eversure's C&S Cache, by the Hilton family.  ;)

Don't get me wrong, I would love to puchase a motorhome,  quit work, and travel around the country hiding and finding caches.  But....... Having only a carpenters salary,
and teenage kids asking for cars and stuff, this is just a dream of ours.  Maybe when I retire in 25 years! LOL :grinnin

Until then, we will settle on the adventures around our great state of New York.  With the Syracuse picnic coming up on the 3rd of August, we plan on hitting the caches out there, too! :oo:

Duane from

Posted by Guest on July 13 2002,8:45 am

Posted by DxChallenged on July 13 2002,7:38 pm
Hey Upina....

Way cool avitar!  I had a minor in Astronomy when I was in to run the planetarieum even!

Have you ever been to Beaver medows in Java NY....the have tlelscopes out the First Sunday night of the month.....great trails there too and a most excellent halloween walk for the young have to book that in August to Sept to get a spot thought.....

Must say that i miss your smiley face.........You just don't look that same!!


Posted by Bitmaster on July 23 2002,4:09 pm
Our farthest cache find was the Lone Pine Cache, which sits atop Four Peaks Mountain south of Phoenix, Arizona. At 5800'+, it was the most beautiful & challenging cache that I have yet to experience!

All told, we were just under 2000 miles away from home! Didn't travel here just to do the cache (we were visiting my family), but considering it took us 2 hours to 4 wheel drive up the mountain to reach the cache, that was an experience in itself!

Within the next year, I hope to travel to the Bass Ackwards cache hidden in the Grand Canyon. It has been hidden for almost 2 years & it doesn't have a logged find yet!

Posted by Guest on Oct. 25 2002,5:37 am
About 1800 miles

I drove from Rochester N.Y., to Pueblo Co., with my wife, four kids, and a dog. I ended up with about 5000 miles on my truck when we got back.
We had a great time, but next time I think we will fly. Thats only if I can convince my wife to step onto the airplane. Anyways we found four caches in the great state of Colorado. Wish we could have found more on our vacation, but we are happy with the caches we did find.  

Posted by Shilfiell on Oct. 31 2002,8:25 am
It's not out there yet, but...I'll be travelling to Japan again this coming September with my fellow caching addict friend and we already have a maintainer lined up for a planned Tokyo-area cache.  We'll be searching there, too.  One part of my journey will take me to Mie prefecture (Nagashima Spa Land amusement park, to ride the Steel Dragon 2000 - whee!) and if I can find someone to watch a cache there I'll be hiding another.  If I go back a third time after this I'll put one near Fujikyu Highland amusement park, home of Dodonpa (106.9 MPH coaster, my favorite so far) in the shadow of Mt. Fuji - it's so pretty up there!

-jaded world traveler (not really!) and coaster fanatic
Posted by South Cache on Feb. 13 2003,2:11 pm
I hit one in Kentucky about 500 miles from home.  I wanted to do more but I was on a tight schedule.
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