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Topic: 8 mile hike cache will anyone do it?
started by: mikechim

Posted by mikechim on Mar. 03 2002,3:28 pm
I just got back from a backpacking trip at oil city state park (11 miles in the first day to a shelter and 5 out today (5 of us from work went, we had a newbie thought we were going to have to carry him out).  Anyway on the way in I saw a bunch of great locations for placing a cache the scenery reminded me of a robin hood type era (i love midevil stuff) and thought about making some form of story cache here.  The problem is it's semi harsh terran with a lot of elevation changes and your looking at between an 8 and 16 mile hike (give or take a few) depending on if you have two cars or someone to pick you up at a dirt road, or if you have to hike back to the car.  My question is if I go to all this time and effort will anyone actually do it, will it be worth my while this would probably be rated a hard hard, I'm wondering because it's not real close to a major town with tons of geocachers and it woudl be a good day hike?  It seems to me the majority of cachers aren't big on long hikes and rough terrain.  I'd love it but like I said is it worth bothering, (one of the guys that went with us said he'd never hike that far again) just looking for opinions here.
Posted by GeoRockers on Mar. 05 2002,11:27 pm
Quote (mikechim @ Mar. 03 2002,2:28 pm)
It seems to me the majority of cachers aren't big on long hikes and rough terrain.  I'd love it but like I said is it worth bothering, (one of the guys that went with us said he'd never hike that far again) just looking for opinions here.

Place it, and they will come!

In the Sacramento, California region, we have a group of eXtreme cachers!  Some have been caching in a river overflow area... while it was filling! :0

We placed a cache which required more than an 10 mile hike(round trip) and a final elevation around 8250'.

Two groups have found it in 6 months!
Posted by Rob on Mar. 08 2002,2:03 pm
I have one cache at a high elevation in the Sierras.  It’s about a day’s hike and has only been visited once.  I never expected a lot of traffic but I definitely will appreciate it more when I get visitors.  I have some easy caches that people can practically drive right up to. Those are fine as well but the less visited cache will always be more special. It is definitely worth the effort.
Posted by Scout on Mar. 08 2002,7:03 pm
Place it. They will come. Players hunted down two dashpoints harder than that. One required an all day cross-country skiiing outing. The other required and all day mountain bike ride. And the destination was just an imaginary waypoint. Put a Tupperware box of trinkets out there and you'll have to sell tickets to manage the crowds. (Oh wait, that's the other site. ;-)
Posted by Buxley on Mar. 08 2002,9:40 pm
I agree with everyone else: place it! You may not get very many visitors, but you'll get some. Some of my favorite geocaching memories are the hard geocaches and some of the caches I most want to do are those that sound really tough. At the end of the day, people remember the challenging caches, not the ones that you can drive up to.

My longest one day hike was nine miles to two caches--up and over a mountain. It would have been easier had I brought more than a half liter of water. Whoops.  :withstupid

Probably my hardest single cache (Fallen Monarch, in California) was seven miles round trip. The hike had lots of uphill and downhill, but the roughest part was that it was pouring rain and the wind was gusting to 20 MPH the whole time. It was a great cache though and I really enjoyed my trek.

Posted by mikechim on Mar. 08 2002,10:00 pm
Thanks for the input guys,

I to would much rather do a hard cache my toughest was in WA, a 6 mile hike with a high point of around 6000 feet and an elevation change of around 1500 feet (actually I think 1000 feet of it were in the last .1 mile as you had to basically claw up the side of a spine).  Amazing cache, amazing location, I sat up there for hours, Mount Baker to the south, Mt Sutksden (sp) to the east, the Canadian border mountains to the North, and another range to the west.  Green meadow valleys dropping on my immediate left and right, hawks in the air, just amazing.
Anyway it's been out for about 9 months and I was only the second to log it (no one has since then).  Which is why i was concerned seeing as WA has a much bigger market then erie for caching.  But that being said heck, I'll still place it maybe somebody passing through one day will hit it.

Ohh yeah Buxley I highly recomend a filter, they are amazing. I have one that is inline from my camel back, along with my GPS one of the best investments I've made.
Posted by Guest on July 22 2002,3:43 pm
If I could find the time, you bet I would.  With the season
at it's best right now for building, and everybody and their
brother is wanting something built,  I wish I could add more hours to the day.   ???

Maybe in the next couple of months, I might be able to take a break.............

But I would guess, with the number of growing Navicachers,
that eventually, if you place it, someday someone will go
after it.  It's only a matter of time.  I would only assume that
NAVICACHE.COM is going to grow rapidly year after year.
Upinyachit has only been caching for almost 5 months and
have plenty of people cahing now a days. (Friends, family, and coworkers etc.) ;)

Now, I would only assume that those people are going to tell other people about caching, and so on and so on...

So if you do the math, you might come to the same hypothesis. LOL So anyways, I say GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!  :^:

Duane from
:) ???
Posted by Bitmaster on July 22 2002,5:50 pm
Put it up!

Hey, from the caches that I've seen, some of them might NEVER get found! There one on the "other site" that has one listed at the bottom of the Grand Canyon!
I told my brother that the next time I go to Arizona to visit him, we are hitting this cache!

Check it out:

< >

Posted by mikechim on July 22 2002,8:22 pm
Guess I should've checked before I hiked down there, I will say the CO river is to cold and to fast for most to swim across (though it sure feels good with the 110 temps at the bottom).  BUT the cache SHOULD NOT EXIST it's in a NP!!!!

Not sure what I would have done if I found it...... part of being a good steward for the sport would almost say remove it, but we don't need geopolice either....

Anyway I'll definately put mine out, though I've got another one that should be around 6 miles, with compass readings (gps won't work in many parts of it), trivia, etc, that follows a gorge.  It'll be loosely and I mean very loosely based on my travels but contain items from them.  If lots of peole hit it then I'll definately put out the 8 mile one.  Diff is the first on is 6 round trip the 2nd 8 1 way.  Man I need to be independently wealthy so I don't have to work and can just travel, plan + place caches, and hide them 40 hrs a week.

Posted by headmj on July 24 2002,9:07 am
Mike, as one other member has said, TIME is the problem.  I have no problem with a hike that long and wouldlove to do it but I rarely have a whole day to alot to cachng (pity).  There will be some however who really will enjoy it.
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