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Topic: What do you do to keep kids caching?
started by: DxChallenged

Posted by DxChallenged on Mar. 19 2002,12:43 am
My question is this, when you are caching with your kids what do you do differently to keep them happy/enjoying the sport...reduce grummbeling from from upcomming excersize?

After 7 months of caching and over 60 caches I can honestly say that when the kids are along we do things a bit differently.  The kids have participated in over 90% of the caching we do. Our 12 year old son doesn't like to miss any and right now is proudly sporting the ring that he got at the LOTR multi cache.  The girls are a different story.  Our 14 year old daughter has a developmental disability so at first the hiking was a challenge to her.  She still is not all that keen on hiking but doens't want to miss an opportunity at a prize.  And I must say that her coordination is now way better than it ever was.  Before she would lag behind but now, in fear of getting last dibs on a prize...keeps up with the pack.  Our youngest gets winded easily and is very thin.  So at times now Mike carries her and they resemble a sort of female tiny tim Dickens dou.

So what we do differently,

*No more than 3 caches a day esp if the girls are along and not off with friends.
*Watch the terrain difficulty.  Try to keep around a 2- 2 1/2.
Honestly after the number we've done and the shape we are in as a whole a 1 seems way too easy.
*Promise to go to a buffet afterwards.  Son has sprouted over 6 inches so far this year. And they all can find what they want.  The quality isn't the best at these places but hey if I can get em caching I'm all for it.
*Rotate who finds the box.  Son is the best.....and even when the girls are "allowed" to move ahead (he just out paces them) he seems to find the best prizes while they are being distracted.

So what do you do?


Posted by YardBoy on Mar. 19 2002,3:07 am
When caching, to keep kids "happy/enjoying the sport...reduce grummbeling from from upcomming excersize", I let them operate the eTrex (they don't get the III+) while I hang back with Mom, hand-in-hand.  Otherwise, I favor mood elevators or gags for those 2 particular problems :nono
Posted by 300mag on April 02 2002,5:50 pm
The other day while caching I aked my 9year old son if he wanted to use the gps to find the cache. He didn't want he replied he liked better using the compass. So I give him the bearings from the gps to the cache. He then takes the bearings and there we go and find it.
Posted by DxChallenged on April 03 2002,2:10 am
New twilst on the sport........

We hid the kids Easter baskets then set the waypoints on teh GPS.  The girls got to use my V.  They both walked straight to the spot.............Son used Dad's III+ and did a few circles in the yard  

they all thought that using the GPS was cool and I admit that it was way easier than writting out a series of instructions to a final destination..........

Posted by Getch on April 03 2002,6:53 am
The other day while caching I aked my 9year old son if he wanted to use the gps to find the cache. He didn't want he replied he liked better using the compass. So I give him the bearings from the gps to the cache. He then takes the bearings and there we go and find it.

I've done this with my 6 year old, but I give her N, NE, etc.  She sometimes likes that, and sometimes thinks it's too much work.

I imagine this would be a good way for one adult to take a herd of kids caching.  The adult calls out distance & bearing while the kids race about.
Posted by Quinn on April 04 2002,8:37 am
I try this as well with my daughter (8 yrs old) whenever I can get her to go with me. I first start off letting her use the GPS but once she spots the cache sometimes it goes flying during the excitement.
Posted by Road Kill on April 04 2002,8:12 pm
This kid plays Huckle-Buckle-Beanstalk. :grinnin
Posted by DxChallenged on April 05 2002,1:24 am
Ok so we played HBB when starting out on our last vacation.  We hit the road 2 weeks ago.  Everything was as to schedule (my husband is an Air Traffic controller and is always punctual) we were about 2 hours from home, near Corning, NY when Mike realizes that he didn't put any locks on the luggage carrier above the van.  We quickly pull over at a Walmart.  Discover that the carrier had already started to pop open .  So in the lot of us go to Walmart to find little locks......We all know the five of us knew that this was an unscheduled stop so we enter the store feeling like this is a "quick in and out" geocache.  I recall in my head, the layout of Walmart (yeah I'm a power shopper ... I go out the day after Thanksgivnig just to be a part of the hysteria)  and within 4.5 minutes I yell out "found it".  

Hey I couldn't have done it without all my geocaching training!!


Posted by RedwoodRed on April 12 2002,7:35 am
Keeping my kids challenged and wanting to go is difficult sometimes. My 8-year old is usually gung-ho, unless geocaching inpinges upon his one-hour per day Playstation time. Yesterday I got around that by telling him we were trying to be first at a new cache. He likes that. Usually once we are on the road he's good to go.

The almost 5-year old on the other hand HATES caching. If there is snow, mud, sand to play in near the cache, he is okay once we are there, but he claims to hate it, even when we let the kids alternate on who gets first choice of the cache contents. I figure that once he is old enough that the terrain getting to the cache doesn't seem so daunting to him, he will be much more amenible. Until then, I usually hang back with him and hold is hand over the rough spots.

We also make sure that we pack drinks, snacks and toys for any trip. If we are away from home for an extended cache-grabbing exedition, we make lots of stops at kid-interesting places, and I don't mean playland at McD's!
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Posted by Guest on June 20 2002,10:37 pm
It isn't really that hard to keep my kids bugging me to go caching. Except for my 15 and 16 year old
daughters!  They won't go in the rain, or when it's cold out. :(
But my two boys will go caching at any given time.  All I have to do is say the word.  The weather or time doesn't matter!!!!!!! :p

For their birthdays, they both want their own GPS, and a flashlight so they can go night caching. I told them maybe their own GPS, but not just yet with the night caching!

Two outa four ain't bad!  :^:

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