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Topic: Stone Texture Spray
started by: Rob

Posted by Rob on Mar. 15 2002,2:25 pm
I suppose this is old hat for most of you but for me, it was like a profound revelation. :0 Browsing through Home Depot I found a Rust-0leum spray paint that applies a stone textured finish. Sounds like a good way to camouflage a ammo box to me. The real test will be if it holds up in the weather.  They suggest over spraying with a protective clear topcoat. Of course they didnít have that.  

It's called American Accents "Stone Creations"
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 20 2002,6:30 am
I saw the paint you are speaking of the other day. This does sound very cool. Too bad the ammo box wasn't round and jagged edged. I may give this a shot if not for anything but to try and blend it in with one of my next cache placements.
I had also thought about grabbing a tube of "wood glue" and spreading it all over the cache box, then sprinkling some mashed up tree bark and dirt all over to give it another form of blended in look.
I could glue poison Ivy to it but not sure how many hits it would get in the logbook if I did.
I think if Roadkill was to take one of his pelts and wrap it around an ammo can this would look great out in the woods...of course for those little vermin in heat this could really hurt!
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