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Topic: GPSr instability
started by: barrington

Posted by barrington on Nov. 28 2001,11:03 pm
Here's a note on a problem (and the solution) that I had with my Magellan 315, that might be useful, and might apply to other makes and models:

Over the last couple of months my Magellan 315's performance seemed to be getting more and more erratic, seeming to be homing in on the target, then suddenly taking off and leading me to another spot up to a couple hundred feet away. It eventually would settle to the right spot after about 20 minutes and several hops around the area.  Pretty frustrating, and it was taking the fun out of caching. I finally asked Thales tech support about it, they suggested clearing the memory, I did, and that cured the problem.

The possibility of using up the memory never occurred to me, since I regularly delete unused user landmarks (waypoints), and seldom have more than a dozen or so going at any one time, but apparently enough clutter (uncleared track history, probably) remained to bog down the system.

Apparently it's like a Windows PC, gotta tend to the housekeeping to keep it working properly.

Posted by Quinn on Nov. 29 2001,2:37 am
Have you also checked to make sure that your unit (315) has the latest version download?< Magellan 315 Version 3.14 > you can use the link I provided to get it if not. The version the 315 has will show on boot up of unit.
You made a good point about the clearing of the memory, I wonder if some of the Garmins have this same problem as i have seen those do some funny stuff as well. I will have to look into that and test it out.
Posted by barrington on Nov. 29 2001,3:27 pm
Actually, the problem appeared AFTER I installed the ver. 3.14 software.  But I don't think that caused the problem, that's about the same time I started using the 315 more often.  Incidentally, new GPS 315's are shipping with ver. 3.15 software, but it's not available from the website yet (per the Thales service engineer I talked to).

Posted by Guest on Nov. 29 2001,4:06 pm
You talked to a Thales Engineer?!!

Posted by barrington on Nov. 29 2001,5:36 pm
Well, "Service Engineer" was his job title,  which could be anything from a repair tech to an MSEE.  He certainly seemed to know the products well.  First contact was via e-mail, then later I called the 800 number he provided.

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 03 2002,8:20 pm
This has been fixed and mentioned at the time of this posting by another update which is version 3.15 You can get that latest version here... < 3.15 update for Magellan 315 > this new update fixes an auto averaging feature which has been throwing the unit in a spin while moving.
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