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Topic: Disturbing Behavior
started by: PC Medic

Posted by PC Medic on Dec. 22 2001,6:25 am
While I know the more seasoned cachers are aware that needless bush-whacking is taboo, I thought this was worth mentioning as I have seen some logs of late (including to one of my caches) which mention the practice. below is a copy of the log entry I just made as a reminder. Check the link within and you will see the disturbing log entries I am referring to, or am I over-reacting here?!

Many of our parks, including the one where < this cache > is placed contain "delicate eco areas" that are home to certain rare plant or animal life. The trails in these parks are designed with the areas in mind to help guide visitors through or around them while minimizing impact on the area.

Reading through the logs of this cache, and others, I would like to remind everyone how important it is to preserve our park areas (and to insure that Geocaching remains a responsible sport). While I understand the sense of adventure can sometimes be strong [:p], I ask that you please try to resist the urge to unnecessarily "Bush-Whack" your way to any cache!
While I'm sure it can be fun, I'm also sure everyone agrees that it would have a very serious negative impact were everyone to start doing this.

Posted by Gimpy on Dec. 22 2001,7:39 am
Too many people in too much of a hurry. I went to one this past week up here. Barringtons' "Hawthorn" cache. Once on the path, GPS read less than .2 miles to the cache, but directly through brush just about all the way. Common sense should tell you that the cache owner probably didn't take that route to place it, so you shouldn't have to take that route to find it. I just stayed on the path, which turned it into about a 3/4 mile hike, but in a nice area on a nice path. Very relaxing adventire. When I reached the cache area, the cache was not far off the path at all. I thought it was a very good use of the landscape & paths, as you had to actually go away from the cache in the beginning of your trek & you had a choice of 2 directions you could go. Not sure if I made the best of the 2 choices, but I got to the cache & back without any bushwacking. Mapsource topos loaded into the MAP76 were not up to date enough to show all the paths, so it was a flip the coin type of deal. No hurry, no worry. :grinnin
Posted by mikechim on Dec. 22 2001,6:21 pm
I'd say your definately not overeacting.  We have a hard enough time getting access to parks for caching as it is, this kind of behavior only fuels the fire for those who say caching destroys natural areas (and makes them somewhat correct as well).  I do have to admit that on my first couple caches, I did bushwack right through often only to find a trail within a 100 feet or so of the cache I was approaching (being covered with scratches and thorns I learned quickly that there is almost always a trail).  That being said though I think maybe it's a good idea to add little notice on the cache page itself if no serious bushwaking is required.
Posted by mikechim on Dec. 22 2001,6:26 pm
I'm not sure if you did or not, but you may also want to post a similiar message on the other site.
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