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Topic: cache's in bad shape..
started by: lighthouserocket

Posted by lighthouserocket on July 22 2003,5:22 pm
well..  went to Hinge Thunder's try and try again today.. the cache was right out in the open! and was wet with  bugs inside..  

so what to do?  not knowing where it was suppose to go exactly and being in such poor condition i brought it home with me.. but can't say as i am very comfortable pulling someone elses cache..   what would you do..?  

Now the search is on for Hinge to get his cache back to him. .. I've emailed him .. not sure if he is around lately.. if i don't get a hold of him..somebody will have to tell me where this cache should be.. and i will return it to it's proper hiding place.. , at least things are dry and bug free now..

p.s. caches.. not cache's  i'll learn english some day..

Posted by PC Medic on July 22 2003,5:42 pm
First let me say that it is not ever recommended that anyone remove anothers cache, as long as it is intact and within the general area of the posted coordinates. I can see where if this were this to become acceptable practice, many folks with a different opinion of what "acceptable" containers and conditions are, would be moving and changing caches that did not belong to them. This of course would be disastrous to the sport.

Now while from your description, this cache may certainly be in need of a visit by the owner, I think that hiding it in the area of the givin coordinates (and based on description on cache page) would have been more appropriate. When posting your "Find" log making mention of this would then allow the owner may check up on it. An email to the support@ email of the listing site would also be good in cases where a cache was pillaged (strewn about) or otherwise cause for concern.

By the way, I do not even see this listed in our database, could you please respond via the Contact Us page with the correct cache name.

Posted by lighthouserocket on July 22 2003,6:26 pm
i see your point.. .. unless by chance i hear from hinge thunder and he wants to do something else.. .. the cache will be back tomorrow morning..

will email you in a minute.. maybe you know.. where it goes..   :O

Posted by Quinn on July 22 2003,7:47 pm
hmmm... To be honest I may have done the same thing if the cache was in very bad shape and out in the open like stated.
I also would have posted a comment on the cache page itself as to why I removed it as long as i intended on quickly returning it once I knew where it was supposed to go.

It would be hard to just place this cache in question in the general area without knowing the exact location for the reason there is another cache listed that is just about 100 feet away. people could easily find the wrong cache and log it on the other cache page.

I have e-mailed you the location the cache should have been and also sent you some pix to help you out. believe it or not your little friend was trying to tell you the location the whole time...just look at the picture again you submitted!

Hey!!...I may be up for doing a few this upcoming weekend if you want to give some a go...let me know! :)

Posted by lighthouserocket on July 23 2003,8:31 am
cache is back home within inches of it's original hiding place.. it's much dryer and happier now..  :p
hopefully it stays that way..

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