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Topic: Addicted to NAVICACHE???????
started by: upinyachit

Posted by Guest on June 23 2002,10:15 am
How has Navicache changed you and your family?

Since we first started caching thats all we ever think about!  Every park and wooded area symbolizes caches to us!   ???

The kids are always coming up with new ideas for hiding one,  we just can't keep up!  Casey's "The Steve Irwin Experience" (the alligator hunter) will be in the jungle soon!  LOL   Kyle wants to hide the hardest one ever and the girls just wanna have fun!   :p

Caching has changed us all for the better.  We will never be bored again!   :love

Posted by mikechim on June 24 2002,3:12 am
The Steve Irwin experience sounds great (actually no idea what it is but hey if I get to jump on a crocodile and say crickey isn't she a beauty, or see a snake and say "this is one of the most venoumous snakes in the world, one bite can kill a man.... I think I'll go pick it up"  :D ) then it's got to be a great cache.
Posted by DxChallenged on June 24 2002,6:02 am
Addicted?  Oh yeah!!

the best part for me now is the reaction of people we meet to geocaching.........They just can't believe that people would be so generous.  Honestly just think about it.  You all (parents live in NC) finding boxes, fill them, discover new and interesting places to put them and then put them out there.

You do this wilthout expecting anything other than a nice log........

When I explain this people get "blown away".  Most honestly say "No Way!"...........I have to retell them........and then they smile...........

:^:   So ya know what!  Thanks!  You addicted geocachers are the greatest!    :^:

Posted by Hinge Thunder on June 24 2002,7:18 am
Quote (upinyachit @ June 23 2002,12:15 pm)
Kyle wants to hide the hardest one ever...

Yeah, I want to do that too.  :p
Posted by Firemedic on June 28 2002,8:56 am
I am addicted to this site.  It doesn't make sense.  The post volume is low and there doesn't seem to be caches where I go.  The geocache site has more people but they seem "plastic" and the site seems more $$ oriented  I feel more at home here.  I post there and find sites there, but I come back here.
Posted by Quinn on June 28 2002,11:57 am
Thanks for the kind words! The key thing with people getting to know who we are is pretty much exposure and word of mouth from our members. The other site it is quite clear has the Sport name as part of (whole) web address. Navicache however does offer some great features for it's cache pages and also provides those great maps of Buxleys. The more and more people that spread the word about us the more and more we grow.

Just about every new member that comes to Navicache says "we just didn't know you existed". Our site size is not due to a lack of quality, just a lack of exposure. So if you or anyone else wishes to sit down and pound on those keys to contact news stations and or papers as well as friends to help get the word out...feel free! we consider this site to belong to every one of our members and the opinions and wants of those people are very important to us!   :)
Posted by Guest on July 11 2002,7:36 pm
I agree with Firemedic: there are more people over there, but Navicache is our first and only love.   :love

As a matter of fact, I managed to persuade one of the members over there to check this site out.  I needed help over there with the silly pictures, like here, and he emailed me privately to help.  He never heard of Navicache,  so I snuck the "N" word to him.  Hee Hee   ;)

There are also some rude ones over there too; plastic if you will.  All I did was ask for some help; got it, then was told that my picture that I decided to use in my signature was annoying. ???   I did manage to get the "Navi-gator" picture on, though.  Don't ask me how, cuz I don't know.  Guess there could be navigators over there, too right?  LOL

Don't get me wrong; there are cool people over there, too! :0

But there's nothin' like a Navicacher!  :grinnin

Posted by mikechim on July 11 2002,9:48 pm
I have to admit that as much as I hope this site prospers and as much as I plug it (I've scent several people this way, even the local media, since I started visiting it, and convinced others to join the forum) I kind of secretly hope that it does stay small.... at least the forum I'd obviously like to see more caches, but the forum has a nice hippy (or family) depending on how you look at it, feel to it.  Kind of like cheers when you walk in and everyone knows your name.  It's a place where the vibe is just right.  Whenever you have a large group of people, give them what is pretty much annonymity, and use a medium in which the intent of your message can easily be confused.... well your just asking for petty arguments and that's what you get.  Petty foolish stuff.  That hasn't happened here yet and that's why I like it so much better, people are more open and friendly, I didn't even bother to post about my travels on that site.  So I'm rambling but that's ok, there is just something more homegrown about this site, something more grassroots, something that I feel is how the sport was intended to be, I've been at it slightly over a year (though I wasn't there in the begining, I jumped onboard shortly after) and this site keeps that initial feeling of how it was when I first started caching, and how it seems it just should be.
Posted by PC Medic on July 12 2002,3:40 pm
Comments like these are what makes it all worth while.

Thanks all
Posted by mrski on July 13 2002,7:51 am
Caching is all about fun.  When DogMa and I got into caching, it was for something fun to do.  Now when the weather is nice we don't have to try and thinkof something to do.  And we get out and about more now than we ever would have without it.

This site may not have all the caches as the other site, but it has more of the fun.  Especially lately.  The other site has had more rudeness and name calling in the forums.  I sopend more time avoiding messages there than reading them.

As long as we all remain friendly and remember this is all for fun, I don't think we have anything to worry about.
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