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Topic: What is a named waypoint
started by: DragonWorks

Posted by DragonWorks on April 04 2003,9:32 pm
Here's a newbie question for you. What exactly is a named waypoint? The only definition I have found reads like a self-referencing definition. "A waypoint of a named point of reference" or some such. Who named it N00512? And what is that supposed to mean to me? Can I find it on a map? Can I enter it in TOPO! and have an actual place come up?

Enlighten me please.

Posted by Quinn on April 04 2003,9:48 pm
A "Waypoint Name" is pretty much anything you want a coordinate to be remembered as. Any coordinate can be renamed to help the user so he/she can remember just what that coordinate is.

The Navicache data base places it's own simple coded waypoint name for each cache that is submitted. But you can rename that coordinate anything you wish.

Those names however will not work if entered into a topo map software as it does not understand. When entering info into software just use the coordinate and then you can name it later.
Posted by DragonWorks on April 05 2003,6:28 pm
Okay, that makes sense. Actually I woke up about 3 AM today and thought "duh, the waypoints on that other site all start with GC and these start with N, I'll bet that's how they track the caches as they are logged and tagged".

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