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Topic: Logging finds.
started by: Gimpy

Posted by Gimpy on Aug. 18 2001,2:27 am
How about some thoughts on the posting of cache placements. On my most recent placement, I posted the cache here on Navicache & on the other site. By way of the automated cache notifications on the other site or whatever reason, folks are finding caches & logging their finds there & not here. There's some neat information in everbodys adventure that should be shared by all. We as a group are what will move Navicache on to the next level. With the tremendous amount of work being put into this site, it is up to us to use the features that have been put here & help it grow.Just my opinion, but would like some thoughts.
Posted by YardBoy on Aug. 18 2001,7:46 am
I only post my original caches on NaviCache.  I've just hooked an Upstate (Canton/Cranberry Lake) Georger & hope to get more.
Posted by Scout on Aug. 18 2001,8:07 am
As a practical matter, expect caches to get logged on the site where people learned about the cache. Submit them only here, and they'll get logged only here. Submit them to multiple sites and expect the logs to go to multiple sites, in quantities in proportion to the number of people who visit those sites.
Posted by Road Kill on Aug. 18 2001,9:47 am
       As usual I was surfing the forums here at Navicache and found another fine topic started by Gimpy. Why do people still post at "The Other Site" and not exclusively at "Navicache"?   So I went to do a comparison and do a self evaluation on "Where I like What Best".
       I think one of Navicaches weakest features is the cache list itself.  It lacks the "Zip code/Nearest cache" function.  Personally I love the ease in which I can access "Buxley's Maps" and do so almost exclusively but not everyone is a map person.  I think I may be poking a stick in the bees nest by being honest but the "Zip code search & Nearest cache sort" are very nice.
     Another reason is as Scout stated.  I Log where they are posted via Buxley's Maps.  I don't think it will be long and all the mapsters will be here.  Only one thing may hold them back.   That would be a scoring system.  No not the best one, but the one that holds the score where they started.  Personally I don't look at the numbers as a score (or grade of expertice).  To me it's sort of like ones age.  I'm not all that excited about being 57, but those who do the data things always want to know.  Caching is part of my second child hood.
       The forums are a strong hold for me here. I feel they're top notch, easy to use and I've gotten to know most of you.

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Posted by Quinn on Aug. 18 2001,10:45 am
Roadkill you may me correct about the zipcode search to some people, But right now we are in the middle of so many other things I would like to try and grab that when I better understand how to include it due to the script. The maps however are a great way to find the exact area you will be going to or planning on searching.
I don't have any problems at all with people visiting other sites or forums, heck, thats what its all about is the sport. If you can find better and maybe more interesting threads on other forums of course I would like you to be able to enjoy them. It is also Important that you remember the reason why I got this going was to keep the sport free. I took tons of heat from someone not long ago who owns a geocaching site because I was linked to GPSR stores and sold Tee-shirts, now that very same person is selling shirts, stickers, hats, key chains, and whatever else. Sites like this need money to keep going as server space and design does not always come cheap, but I was a bit upset when I found out he was doing what he blamed me for. You are all great people and I am very lucky to have met many of you. I consider this site as much yours as mine. This is for all of us and your ideas do matter.
Posted by Gimpy on Aug. 18 2001,11:08 am
What you say is obviously true,Scout. My reasoning behind posting at both sites was because folks coming to this area from out of town,etc., appear to mainly go to the other site to check out what caches might be in a particular area & I obviously would like as many fellow cachers to enjoy a hunt for 1 of mine as possible. Even some local cachers appear to check out geocaching for the latest placements. Probably the zip code feature. Maybe,like a said, the automated cache notification that is e-mailed to members periodically. My point in starting this dialogue was that local cachers should make it a point to check the new caches out here even if they have already gotten the info off the geocache site already. If some local cachers use Navicache exclusively & others don't, some good info & cache hunt tips will surely get lost in the shuffle. I've had a great number of my caches logged from from folks from out of the area lately & this would not have been the case if they had not been posted on geocaching. Is there any way to remedy this? I guess it is just going to take time for the word to get out a little more about Navicache. Buxleys maps are a fantastic tool but apparently not everyone is utilizing them to plan their cache adventures. I guess maybe I feel a little odd about posting my cache on the geocaching site as well as here, when maybe I should use Navicache exclusively. I can only imagine the time & effort that Quinn & the rest of the folks that have worked on Navicache to bring it up to where it is now. And I would hope that there is no feeling of betrayal in posting on the other site as well. But the fact remains, the reason we take the time to put together a cache & research location etc., is to get cachers to come & get it. The more the merrier,right. In time, maybe the place to get cache info will shift more to here. But it has to start here. I'm rambling again, huh?. Sorry! :)
Posted by Quinn on Aug. 18 2001,11:17 am
Gimpy... all is fine :) Buxleys maps are by far the best means to locating a cache and the reson that not too many people are aware of it is due to not knowing about them. once the search engines catch up some and the buxley maps as well as Navicache start popping up more on these engines you will notice member and cache logging increases. we'll get there, just takes time. :)
Posted by Road Kill on Aug. 18 2001,9:25 pm
       Quinn.  I'm not quite sure what I should say because it seems like your interpreting some of the comments of this forum as something where you need to defend the efforts you guys have put forth.  It's sort of like you and your crew are doing hand springs and cartwheels and this guy in a skunk hat is wondering why he hasn't seen any back flips.  I sincerely hope that's NOT what you visualize.
       I realize (as well as several others) the monumentous work that the Navicache crew has put into the site and in such a short time.  I don't hear your brother complaining as much now about ankle shackle chaffing. So I assume that, in spite of the frustrations, the fellow is right in his glory.  I recall you mentioning a Ken pulling out some miracles as well.  I only wish that there was something I could do to help. If there is please call.
       One thing I have done is to talk the talk about Navicache.  There are 3 fellow workers I've taken on cache hunts. One had a GPS and had a good time and the other 2 have since purchased III+'s.  Banjo for one has been to the North Hampton cache on his own. He takes his family and they have the grinning part down-pat.
Posted by Quinn on Aug. 18 2001,9:31 pm
Roadkill...thats just it! you are doing your part as well as the other members such as Gimpy and yardboy and many that I could sit here all night jotting down on this post. As long as you are having fun and spreading the word when you can, I am happy. I can't begin to tell you how greatful I am for everyones support here. You have all been great and it puts a smile on my face knowing that I had at least a part in you guys enjoying yourselves. Keep up with the fun!  :)
Posted by YardBoy on Aug. 18 2001,10:45 pm
Quality cachers, not quantity for me;  protect the land.  Look at Buxley's Maps: do we really need exponential caching growth?  The cream, one site or another, will float to the top in time and that won't be just a function of site hits or cache visits.  Forums, integrity & creativity will count.  As a group, our NaviCaches are amongst the sport's most unique.  I particularly like our clever, multi-waypoint hides.  We just need to continue spreading the word of what we already do best.      
Posted by dgridley on Aug. 19 2001,5:18 pm
My thought is, will always be "number 1" simply because it was first and it provides a top-rate interface for the end-user. I think the cache posting and search functions are great and are a prime reason for the "number 1" status. I also think a majority of users like the number of finds after their user name and will continue (and should) to post there as well as here. The more, the merrier, I say!

Of course, NaviCache probably tends to fill a 'down-home" niche for the locals that you won't find on and Quinn has done a good job of getting out and meeting those close to him to promote his love of the sport.

I personally think that those wanting maximum exposure for their cache should post on both sites as, "sadly", NaviCache just hasn't yet attained the exposure to warrant posting here alone despite all the work that's been done.

Posted by Guest on Aug. 19 2001,6:37 pm
While I agree that you will get maximum exposure by posting to more than one site, It is (in my opinion) only because the sport, and the sites are still new and not yet known by all.
I definately disagree however with regards to anyone being pretty much guarenteed the spot of "Number One" for any indefinate period. (Especially this early in the game). While it is easy when you are (ONE of) the  first  to claim things like, "Official" or "Original" being "Number One" is a title that like it or not, is earned.  This is where public opinion makes the decision, no matter what. And public opinion changes all the time.

Posted by dgridley on Aug. 19 2001,8:02 pm
Public opinion is definitely fickle.. gotta agree there. But the has a year's lead on the majority of the other sites and you can either play "catch-up" or INNOVATE.  Innovation is the only way a new site has any chance of gaining ground. If you're in the restaurant business, let's say, you can either duplicate your competitor's menu or go one better and offer something they don't. At least add some spice to the meal...
Posted by dwr50 on Aug. 19 2001,9:46 pm
Here is the handout I have been using. Feel free to copy it and use it :-)

Geocaching is a new Sport/Hobby that lets people with GPS hand-held  receivers hunt for Treasure. Not buried treasure, but instead ... hidden treasure. You use your GPS by entering the coordinates listed on Internet sites into your unit and then go to the location, using your GPS to guide you where you hunt for the booty... called the Geocache. The Geocache is a container that has prizes inside. The prizes offered vary from ũ - ŭ in value. The prize is your reward for finding cache. Along with the prize you will usually find a logbook that you can use to document your Find and see who else has also discovered the cache. You may take one of the gifts, but are required to replace the gift you take with one you brought along with you. It's a one - for - one exchange. A good place to find gifts is a "dollar store". The owner of the cache will usually stop by the hiding spot periodically to read the logbook,add new items, or even to add clues to other Geocaches. If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to use your new GPS Geocaching might be the way to do something new and interesting.

Web Sites to help you get started may be found at : < >
                                                                                  < >
                                                                                  < >

Don't > have a computer to log onto the Internet -- You can usually go to the Public Library or a school and use their computer to visit these web sites.

Note: Some caches contain a disposable camera. The camera should not be taken as a prize. The camera is there so you may document your find by taking a picture of yourself or your group. The cache owner will stop by from time to time and when the camera is full, will take the camera in and have the film developed. You might request a copy of your picture from the cache owner or the owner might just post your picture on a web page along with the other visitors.

Recommended Cache Items: Small toys,paperback books,small stuffed animals,music cd's,hitch-hiker items (hitch-hikers are meant to be taken to another cache and left there). All items should be placed in plastic bags or remain in the original packaging.

NO-NO's for the cache: Do not place hazardous items in the cache. Disposable lighters,aerosol cans,matches, or other flammables are no-no's.Food,candy,and beverages will most likely be found by animals long before a human finds them, so they are no-no's as well.

Finally: Please take a trash bag with you on your hunts and gather trash along the way. Be sure to send a photo of you and your trash collection to one of the web sites listed above. They are trying to show the Parks Departments, BLM, and the Forest Service that Geocacher's are responsible people, that really care about the environment. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

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