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Topic: Travel Bugs
started by: droosa

Posted by droosa on Sep. 21 2003,4:08 pm
How does a Navicacher handle a Travel Bug they find in our cache?  If you do not use GC.Com and are not  registered with them this seems to be a problem.  

Anyway Thanks for the site and I look forward to a discussion about TBs.....

Posted by woodsters on Sep. 21 2003,4:15 pm
I would say if they pick it up, then they should go to GC and register and log it. Even if it's only for that reason of registering. Doing so is free. Otherwise, they should leave it there and let some other GC cacher pick it up.

Speaking of this, is there any plans on Navicache adopting a similar system or is there something in place I haven't noticed?

Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 22 2003,5:12 am
Woodster is right in what to do. Should you take a GC TravelBug, be sure to log in on GC and log the find/move to the proper cache page. If you place it in a non-GC cache you should also make an entry that this has been done with a link to the cache page it was left in. This way the TB owner and others who wish to retrieve it and move it along will know where it is.

Not the smoothest system, but when others don't want to play together, it is the best we have.

Posted by droosa on Sep. 22 2003,12:36 pm
Thanks for the replies.  I did not make myself clear in the original post.  I know what I am going to do as I am registered on NC and GC.  My caches are cross posted and I own Travel Bugs.

Has anyone encountered the problem of a cross-posted cache containing a travel bug and the finder not a currently registered on GC?  If this has happened what were the results?

I had the hypothetical figured out already. :D

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