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Topic: Can it be done?
started by: mikechim

Posted by mikechim on Feb. 12 2002,6:17 pm
I've got an idea for a hitchiker.  Basically it's a blank CD that everyone burns a couple of their favorite songs onto (in MP3 format).  After it's full it gets sent back to me, and I send copies out to anyone who added songs and wants it.  I figure it's a neat way to get to know a little more about fellow cachers and to get exposed to some new good music.

My question is will it work.  I mean obviously you have to leave the CD open when you burn it, but back in the day I remember there was problems with using several different burners to create multi session disks, anyone know if this is still a problem or how I can avoid it.  Also does everyone need to burn at the same speed?
Posted by dgridley on Feb. 14 2002,12:10 am
Great idea.. but I think you may run into compatability problems, plus the added headache of running the CD back out to the cache for the next user, not to mention possible copyright violations.
Posted by mikechim on Feb. 14 2002,8:40 pm
Yeah, I've given up on the idea.  I just found some forums on the other site about this.  Anyway some had used tapes and some CD's all had the same result, the CD never returned.  Kind of figured that might happen, ohh well.  Back to the drawing board and new ides.
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