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Topic: Should we copy old logs?
started by: Bloencustoms

Posted by Bloencustoms on Sep. 18 2003,5:45 pm
If you are new to this site, and have found a few caches that are listed on another site as well as this one, what about the logs? Is it ok to copy your log from a cache page on the other site, and post it to the page for the same cache here as opposed to writing a new possibly different one? For those who have caches listed here, how do you feel about it?
Also, (while I don't think so myself) should you go back and revisit a cache before logging it here.

Posted by TEAM 360 on Sep. 18 2003,9:34 pm
No, you shouldn't have to go back to revisit the cache. You have already found it. I would think that when you write the logs here, it should be the same as over there. It was the same visit, the same experience, anyhow. Maybe add a little bit if you want to tweek it up, or if you forgot to include anything, but basically the same logs. Just my opinion.
Posted by Cracker7M on Sep. 19 2003,9:27 am
I say "Absolutely!"

I have been using both sites since I started caching a year ago.
I double post my caches, as well as my find logs and notes.

You can even backdate the log entry to the original date you found the cache, so the dates will all match.

The way I look at it, all caches are owned by the people who placed them. Also, when you find one, you found it, no matter where it is listed.

I see and Navicache as just an interface to post to and to locate caches from. I feel the caches and logs should be owned by the cachers themselves.

I feel the websites should not have the right to control your caches or logs. Exceptions would be if the caches do not fall within the sensible guidlines of approval, or foul language, threats, etc in logs.

Other than that, you should be free to post a cache or log on as many different sites as you want.

And I believe Navicache tends to support this. Granted, they would probably prefer you only post caches or logs here, but I think they are free thinking enough not to restrict it.

Just my geocoins worth

Posted by TEAM 360 on Sep. 19 2003,10:05 am
You would think that you are free to post your caches anywhere you want, but try to take them off of like I did, and the mob turns against you. Their true colors show, and who wants to deal with people like that? That's why I am only over in the forum here now.
Enough negativity, let's concentrate on more positive things.
Now get out there and cache. I will today. See ya.  :D

Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 22 2003,5:15 am
As for logging your find here if the cache owner has chosen to list on more than one site ABSOLUTELY!
Should you feel obligated to revisit the cache before doing so, not at all. Simply log the find. New or cut-n-paste is fine.

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