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Topic: GPS inventor gets $$$$
started by: mikechim

Posted by mikechim on Feb. 19 2003,6:29 pm
Sitting here bored at work at I just read in the paper that the inventor of the GPS and the inventor of the dialysis machine both got $500,000 awards in what is equavalent to the nobel peace prize for engineering.  Ivan Getting of California and Bradford Parkinson of California recieved the Charles Stark Draper Prize for creating GPS.

Posted by Gimpy on Feb. 21 2003,1:26 am
Hey, Mikechim. Whats up? Haven't heard from you in a while. What do you mean, bored at work? What are you doing working? I figured you'd be hanging around Arizona or some other warmer climate sleeping in the back of your truck. :grinnin  Good to hear from you. :wave
Posted by mikechim on Feb. 21 2003,10:17 pm
Hi Gimpy, I only wish  :D .  With the grad app process coming to an end I'm hoping to get back into caching.  I leave tomorrow for interviews at and I've already been accepted at OSU so most of the pressure is off and I can get back to caching.  I've got some people at work all fired up to go, (we did a winter backpacking trip two weekends ago, a foot of snow going in and a foot and a half coming out  :grinnin ).  Plus I've got to get in gear and get my Two Towers cache out and another long one I've been sitting on for 6 months.  
Nice thing about taking time off is there's close to 20 caches in Erie that I haven't hit yet!!!
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