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Topic: Explorer 6.0 and
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on June 22 2001,3:20 am
I have noticed on my computer that using the new Beta explorer version 6.0 that now when I go into the Topozone maps for each Cache page, the "X" Mark for where the Cache would be is missing. This has happened to me twice when I loaded 6.0.
I can't see any real value to this new version as of yet, so unless you feel the real need to go out and download it, I would pass for now if I were you.
I am trying to figure out why it does this, but for now I think I will look for a way to go back to my old version of Explorer for the time being.
Posted by Guest on Aug. 15 2001,7:59 pm
At the bottom of the map page is a box that says "Show marker".  By default this box is checked when the page loads.
Simply remove the check, then put a check back and the " x " appears.
Go figure ????

Posted by Guest on Oct. 23 2001,11:23 pm
This issue appears to have been corrected by Topozone now as I no longer have the problem with the missing "X" while using IE6

Posted by Quinn on Oct. 24 2001,2:48 am
Yes...I think it has been fixed as I just downloaded the 6.0 version and can now see the marker of cache location where as before I could not with 6.0
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