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Topic: Buried Caches
started by: PC Medic

Posted by PC Medic on July 24 2003,3:53 pm
Just a reminder to everyone that caches should NEVER be buried on public lands :nono and that any cache submissions to our database that indicate this in the description will not be approved.

It is important that caches are placed in such a manner that there is no intentional damage or disturbance to the surrounding environment.

Posted by lighthouserocket on July 25 2003,1:23 pm
caches should "NEVER be buried on public lands" ..  

don't think it would be much fun trying to dig one up on private land either.. i have enough things to carry already. .. i don't want to bring a metal detector along also..

Posted by Quinn on July 25 2003,3:21 pm
Actually I think that would be fun! But of course only if it were on private land where harm could not be done. Also perhaps a depth indication on the cache page so nobody digs to china. :p
Posted by PC Medic on July 25 2003,4:29 pm
The more recent submissions actually did indicate the depth (and that a small shovel would be needed). Obviously they were not approved.

I personally am not sure why a private land owner would even give permission for such a cache to be placed.  I certainly wouldn't.

Posted by Quinn on July 26 2003,7:05 am
well that depends...I need to place a patio in my back yard and to do so i need to dig down four inches over an area about 20 feet wide and 20 feet deep. If I could just place a cache back there and tell people you need to dig four inches to get it I will have this done in no time!  :p

People here that live on a farm don't care if you dig a bit I am sure, after all they will most likely turn the soil for planting anyways.

Private land and sanded beaches I have no problem with at all. everyone knows when you go to the beach you are going to dig to make sand castles!
One of my favorite caches was hidden in this fashion.

Posted by lighthouserocket on July 27 2003,4:45 am
Quinn your right, it could be a good way to till the garden.  Much more environmentally friendly than using a gass powered tiller.  

Then again all those cachers will be dring to the cache site.  Foiled once again.

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