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Topic: Weird log..stolen cache
started by: DxChallenged

Posted by DxChallenged on Mar. 03 2002,12:40 pm
Today I was sent a weird log (via  about our "Akron Walk" cache.  It was sent by this guy...always lost...

He said that a "small brass treasure chest was left with instructions on what to do with it.  You'll have to find the cache to read what's in it".  

I told my husband about the note and this weird feeling that I have about what was in the treasure chest which I assumed was inside our cache.  Well when he got to the cache site there wasn't anything there.  He looked around in the fields to see if it just got thrown over there but nothing........

So I archived the cache on geocaching...e-mailed the guy via the site (his e-mail address wasn't attached to the log .......and attempted to archive here but couldn't see right off how to do it..........Please help!!

Errrrrrrgggggggg it's just plain not nice!!

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 03 2002,3:10 pm
On your cache page within Navicache, just use the "Edit" button at the top of that cache page, then use the "Retire" option and this will retire that cache until we figure out what happened to it.
With luck you can reach this fellow to find out what happened. Keep us updated.
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 03 2002,6:13 pm
I'll have to do the same with my "Naples Creek" cache. At least until I can make the trek down to check on it. The last two cachers that attempted it said that after lengthy searches, they came up empty. If that's the case, that's number plunder #3. Hanibals Stash, Cache Conesus & now this one. If this gets to be too common an occurrence, I'll start pulling some of mine in. But pulling in all of my remaining 20 would be out of the question. I'll be da**ed if they're going to make it come to that. :angry:
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 03 2002,7:54 pm
hmmm? Could any of these have been stumbled on by a passer-by? I'll have to also give it a look to see.
I also hope this isn't just a single person making aprank run at grabbing caches. But I can't see anyone doing that just for a can or container filled with do-dads. Keep us updated on anything you find out. ???
Posted by mikechim on Mar. 03 2002,9:06 pm
on the other site, there was a group in FLorida called the geocache replacement squad or somethign that actually stole caches then bragged about it, so it very well may be someone doing that.
Posted by Scout on Mar. 03 2002,9:50 pm
I had my first cache disappear over the last few weeks. It had held up for eight months. Probably not a plunderer. Maybe not even an accidental discovery. Most likely just washed away, even though it was 15-20 feet above the creek bed.

I also have had several reports of accidental discoveries of second stages of my caches by geocachers hunting for unrelated caches altogether. Since only the first stage cache was listed anywhere, other players had no way of knowing that they were about to hide a cache near one of mine.

My reaction in both cases? Modify both series of caches to make them virtual caches. You still have to hunt for something on each leg, and now you can be sure that it's still there. The caches weren't traditional treasure hunts anyway, so the change shouldn't matter much to those who like to experiment.

(Check 'em out: "< Clinton's Wife and Finis' Too >" and "< Run for the Sausages >.)
Posted by Rocky on Mar. 04 2002,8:07 am
I have had to replace 3,  at Andrea's Charm I believe it was a party spot and some young people made off with it.  Hogs Back Vistas most likely was hunters given the time of year it disappeared.  The most interesting one was West Pike Fire Tower-USGS Marker Cache where a bear destroyed it.  I have saved the cache container and chewed-up contents and plan to bring to our next get-together for all to see.
Posted by DxChallenged on Mar. 04 2002,10:49 am
Oh Man!  Not the Hogs back Vista one!  I loved that site!!

We plan on replacing the cache that was taken and moving it further down the bike trail.  The bummer thing is that there aren't hardley any caches near Buffalo so for the time being there are fewer.  Hope they don't get the Eversure's one we hid.  My son picked out the site and feels "connected".

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 04 2002,4:41 pm
I have a doozy for the Buffalo area planned within a week or so...also I am sure Rocky most likely left a noon time snack in that cache the bear wanted!  :grinnin
Posted by DxChallenged on Mar. 04 2002,7:46 pm
I heard that the traffic on the bike trail was pretty steady the day the cache what with the candy that was stashed inside and roving eyes..........   :0o  It's no wonder the cache disappeared.

I found out that the last logged cacher never noted the parking coordinates and walked through private property to get to the cache....Thing is we clearly said that it was just off the bike path..........Oh well.........Fearless never liked that spot so we'll just have to find one now of his liking.

Posted by YardBoy on Mar. 05 2002,5:36 am
Quote (DxChallenged @ Mar. 04 2002,12:49 pm)
...The bummer thing is that there aren't hardley any caches near Buffalo ...

< Buffalo Bill's NaviCache >
Posted by DxChallenged on Mar. 05 2002,6:11 am
Yeah...I noticed that one.  It seems to be a navicache exclusive (ie not on geocaching). Does anyone have the stats on caches that are listed on both sites?  

Haven't done the Buffalo Bills one as I'm not sure if the cache is in the parking lot of the stadium.............. a note from the weird log guy.  Basically he's a newbee, didn't bother to read the parking coordinates or look at the pictures to see that the cache was on a bike trail.  Feels that the person whose land he walked through to get to the cache (very easy cache site all on a bike path and just off for the box) and that he spoke to about geocaching took the box.....What I don't know is what was in the treasure imagination has been running a bit rampent about that.   :rotflmao

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