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Topic: member names
started by: upinyachit

Posted by Guest on June 02 2002,7:19 am
Our member name UPINYACHIT  wasn't designed to bring negative attention to our family or to this sight.  Come to find out, some people took offense to it and thought it was inappropriate at a family event.  We couldn't be more of a family than we already are!

We feel as being proud parents of four teenage kids that our member name isn't that bad. It's suppose to be funny!  We like the fact that we have the kids out caching, rather than them being out with the wrong crowd and nothing better to do.  As we've always said, it gets our family closer and we have a great new hobby for the whole family.   A member name should have nothing to do about us as a family.  We all like our user name; we ARE up in your caches, aren't we? LOL :p  

We welcome your comments!

The Hughes Family

Posted by Quinn on June 02 2002,7:24 am
At the picnic I have never met a nicer group of people, this includes you and your family. You picked the user name as other did theirs. There is no harm in what you use and has no reflection on you as a person or a family.
You have done a good job and are a great group...keep on caching ! ;)
Posted by Gimpy on June 02 2002,11:15 am
Guess I must have missed something while at the get-together. I never heard anything negative said about anybody or anything. A great group of folks enjoying each others company.
Posted by dgridley on June 02 2002,1:17 pm
Hm, it passed me by too even tho I wasn't at the picnic... maybe I'm missing something but I never thought anything about your user name one way or another... certainly wouldn't amtter to me either way.
Posted by YardBoy on June 02 2002,1:58 pm
I don't get it, but then I haven't been around teens lately.  Is it abbreviated slang or Ebonics for "up in your sierra-hotel-india-tango"?

If the above is the case, I can possibly guess someone's concern.  On a life scale of -5 (bad) to 0 (neutral) to +5 (good), some will strive for the positive, others will accept "not that bad".  Whatever (as I last remember teens saying).  One cow's chit is another's organic fuel here in India.  And based on the picnic reports, you're a goodbunchachits ;0o
Posted by dgridley on June 02 2002,9:36 pm
I finally had to have someone explain it to me.. big deal! I wouldn't worry about what others think..
Posted by bond 007 on June 03 2002,10:05 pm
Every one here has a different name they go by
and thus :rotflmao  it reflects I think a personality

Leemannn  Lee  James Bond 007
Posted by welch on July 09 2002,3:41 pm
Quote (YardBoy @ June 02 2002,2:58 pm)
I don't get it, but then I haven't been around teens lately.  Is it abbreviated slang or Ebonics for "up in your sierra-hotel-india-tango"?

like yardboy i dont understand what your user name is suppose to mean. want to give me a hint??
Posted by mikechim on July 09 2002,4:20 pm
just keep saying it outload over and over again, sooner or later you should figure it out.
Posted by Hinge Thunder on July 09 2002,7:45 pm
It is a native american word, pronounced Up-En-Yawk-Et. Loosly translated it means 'fearless tribe'.
Posted by Quinn on July 09 2002,9:17 pm
wow!...and all this time I thought it meant someone that was in your face and *^%$ off!    :grinnin
Posted by DxChallenged on July 10 2002,4:20 am
All right I had an instant brain surge when I read the name......or so I thought..........

My way of thinking....substitute the ch with an sh.........

You know the stuff Foo the wonder dog leaves around the yard and fearless steps of the many reasons he calls her "That Dog!"

But whoa....didn't know the Native Translation........

I worked on the Rosebud Souix Reservation right after college.....

My maiden name didn't sound Lakota (dialect spoken there) like so I hyphenated it .............  My last name then was Burdick...........  I came out with 2 D's in the middle......(literal translation a bird's part)

The kids all laughed......I said it at a middle face is turning red even now!!

Posted by Guest on July 10 2002,11:52 am

You just made my day, Dx!!!


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