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Topic: How Do You Carry GPS While Navigating Woods?
started by: FLMike

Posted by FLMike on Dec. 20 2001,7:24 pm
How do the rest of you carry your GPS while traversing all day the swamps or woods? I'd like to record my track while hunting in these Florida swamps. I was thinking of using a bungee cord to strap my GPS, Garmin Legend, high up on the outside of my backpack. Has anyone else tried this? Is sat. lock good?
Posted by barrington on Dec. 20 2001,8:15 pm
My Mag 315 usually rides in a nylon case on my belt, or in a shirt or jacket pocket. Hard to tell signal strength in that position!  It's always ready to go when needed, and though I seldom look at the track, I've never seen any sort of disruption that would indicate loss of the sats en route to the destination.

Posted by Quinn on Feb. 14 2002,6:47 am
I am the type that likes a backup option, thus I carry two whereever I go (at least if it's a distance in the woods) it really depends on how much of a hike it is. If I grab the back pack I'll leave one inside and the other always stays in my hand. However, I do know a fellow that uses an external antenna and places it under his hat while walking about.
Posted by Gimpy on Feb. 14 2002,1:35 pm
I also carry a backup or 2 with me in my backpack. :grinnin . I usually have 1 in my hand, 1 or 2 in the backpack, & if I want to capture a track of my whole adventure, I'll put 1 in one of those armband holders I picked up through Radio Shack. The unit very rarely loses sat. lock while in the armband pocket, & you really just turn the unit on, put it in there & forget about it. Holds any 1 of my units & quite stationary no matter what terrain I'm navigating.
Posted by 300mag on Mar. 10 2002,9:15 pm
I also carry a couple of everything :D I usually leave the gps in it's case attached to my backpack. Sometimes I put it in my jacket pocket when I want to check on it often like getting in close to cache. I don't usually check on the track . I rely mostly on the bearing from the gps and follow my compass.
Posted by The Parkers on Mar. 19 2002,6:57 pm
Most of the time we are out, we are hiking as well so I have a back pack on. What I do is put a clip on my shoulder strap, to which I attach the GPSr case. I slide it up high on the strap so it is near the top of my shoulder and usually don't have too much of a problem with reception - although you can't see the display unles you take it out.

I just recently added an external antenna and have put it in a pocket on the top of the pack and can now carry the unit on my side belt or in my hand without worrying about losing the signal.

I've got the cable running through my strap and hopefully that'll prevent it from getting snagged on a branch. :)
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