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Topic: What do you like to find in a cache?
started by: Shilfiell

Posted by Shilfiell on June 09 2003,8:04 am
I'm in the middle of planning a new cache which will be, well, maybe a bit elaborate.  I'd like to start things out by stocking up on some nice trade items, but for this one I'll need a variety of things and I'd like to know what kinda stuff people just can't resist.  I'd like to avoid the TNLN syndrome until the cache matures a bit.  Anyone have any suggestions for fairly inexpensive yet attractive goodies?  What would YOU like to find in a cache?


Posted by Quinn on June 09 2003,10:27 am
I like the odd ball things. Perhaps an old book found at a garage sale, or those "Wheres George" dollars make for fun cache fill.
A cache camera or theme contents are also nice.
Kids like pretty much anything you can find at the dollar store, but those tiny battery operated fans or flash lights seem to make them smile a bit.

Old coins, magent clips, patches, etc.

The big thing is the log book. Make your log book interesting and thats what people want to see.

Posted by cenobite07 on June 09 2003,3:05 pm
I like to find useful items so I try to carry the same. I try to carry fishing items, camping fuel, lights, lightsticks, lantern mantles, CDs, etc.

I have started my caches with things like a hunters safety harness, HP printer cartridge, hats, gloves, tools, etc. I like to leave a few bigger items in the caches to start and when I refresh them to make them worth the extra effort some require. I've left bigger items in others' caches when they've looked depleted.

I try to make my caches (only two so far) worth visiting for the challenge, the hike, the views, and the prizes. We all have different reasons for caching and I want to meet them all!

I have a bunch of brand new wooden dollhouse furniture kits from Xacto that I started leaving but I haven't seen anyone trading them out in the logs so I'm holding back on them for a bit.

I also carry and trade items for the kids like matchbox cars, lightsticks (who doesn't like lightsticks?), unusual toys, pretty bottles, etc.

I only tend to take things for myself if I know I'll use them. I love the monogrammed golf tees and golf balls (new ones..) since I donate so many to the ponds of BCC.

I try to avoid the really cheap plastic junk at some dollar stores and buy the stuff that doesn't look like it belongs in a dollar store. I spend a lot of time at auctions and often find great buys on items that would be far too expensive to leave in the woods if I had to buy them at retail - like the kits and camping supplies.

There are always some cheaper items in my pack to fill things  out but I consider them filler.

Of course I don't carry everything with me all the time and end up with a lot of TN/LN logs as well.... the search is usually my favorite reason for going.


Posted by DxChallenged on June 09 2003,4:28 pm
I've been wondering about just this thing.  Lately the caches we find we don't take anything out of.......after going past 100 the young ones only take what they think they would use or display.....

I have been upgrading what I keep in my cache bag.  I go to a small town auction on a weekly I have added to my bag things that I think are cool (a clock from WW2 that says war time, dresser mirrors, steins ect.) then I place them in caches........I went to a cache event on Sat and traded out a solid copper stein and something else.......

2 times I have received a thank you for a trade I left...must say that I got a  :D  out of those!

Posted by lighthouserocket on July 23 2003,9:03 am
been awhile since i have found anything interesting in a cache.   .. shops that specialize in selling imported goods (from asia or where ever)  often have interesting things that are cheap....
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