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Topic: what else?
started by: topcat

Posted by topcat on Dec. 26 2002,1:34 pm
Waht other interesting things have you done with your gps besides geocaching?
Posted by JJW on Dec. 29 2002,8:54 am
I've been using my Garmin Vista on Hikes, Backpacking, Canoeing, Bicycling, and of course Geocaching. :-)
I use the trip info and tracklogs, downloading the information into NG TOPO!.
Probably the neatest gaget/toy/tool gift I have ever recieved.
HappyHolidays everyone!
  JJW :D
Posted by South Cache on Feb. 13 2003,2:09 pm
Sailing and navigation of course.  Geocaching is my second hobby.   :wave
Posted by Overland1 on May 29 2003,7:58 pm
Along with the usual stuff (much of it mentioned above), I have used my GPS receiver to locate a landing zone for the helicopter to pick up a patient; I am an EMT with a local FD ambulance squad.

Also, just to prove it could be done (but for no reason of any value) I attempted GeoMowing. The tracking was fairly accurate (within about 20 or so feet), except for one very inaccurate track which led across the street from the property being mowed. This may have been due to a momentary loss of satellite reception. :grinnin The JPG image of the tracks was rather interesting, to say the least...... :O

Posted by PC Medic on May 29 2003,8:09 pm
GeoMowing...Now THAT is original!  :2cool
Posted by Road Kill on May 29 2003,8:49 pm
Gosh! GeoMowing. :rock:   As much as I like playing with these high tech toys - Somehow GeoMowing doesn't seem to spark the same interest as trudging mud, fording creeks, dancing in poison ivy and fighting off mosquitoes. Hmmm. - Is this an illness or a sport. Suddenly GeoMowing doesn't sound too bad.   :0

Maybe with the proper software we could walk one cropcircle (GPS in hand), down load the bread crumb trail, e-mail it to several fellow GeoMowers. Then suddenly on a specified date hundreds of identical patterns appear in yards across the States. :laugh:

Road Kill is :D ing

Posted by Quinn on May 30 2003,2:12 am
I'd be interested myself in seeing some pictures of the areas you mow. Don't want my wife to see this topic though, she would try and mount a gps on opur mower thinking it would get me to do more yard work.  :tungue2  :grinnin
Posted by cenobite07 on May 30 2003,10:24 pm
It sounds kind of lame but I've used mine to mark stone piles in the woods so I can go back and retrieve them when it's time to build things.

I have an old cobblestone house and we're slowly trying to bring the landscaping under control with cobblestone accents walls.

Posted by Alf on June 05 2003,5:12 pm
I use my GPS to record my business travel evey day for diary purpose. It's simple and accurate.
Posted by DxChallenged on June 09 2003,4:30 pm
To locate Walmarts while on vacation.........and the major life find the nearest bathroom........

What a blessing when you travel with kids!

Posted by Shilfiell on June 10 2003,8:15 am
I always enjoy backseat driving with a GPS in hand, especially when I can casually remind my son that he's driving too darn fast - "You're going 73.6 miles per hour!  Slow down!"


Posted by South Cache on Aug. 07 2003,10:27 am
Something new... locating restuarants. I post the geo location of my favorite restuarants on my website.

I only have one so far.  But it is a new project I plan to start.

Posted by Overland1 on Sep. 02 2003,8:09 am
I have used the Vista on the motorcycle, as well as on foot, and it is  great, especially when touring on two wheels in an unfamiliar area.

Finding restaurants when traveling is a big plus as well. Using a DeLorme TripMate and ThinkPad 760-ED, we found a couple of really good ones a few years ago:

Parker's Barbecue (Wilson, NC)
Fuller's Barbecue (Lumberton, NC)


Posted by Icenians on Sep. 04 2003,11:55 am
I use mine to log my hill walking, great to be able to see the date, time , speed etc at any given point overlaid onto the OS maps.

Oh, and to warn me of the many speed cameras we have in the UK.  :angry:

Posted by mikechim on Sep. 07 2003,10:17 pm
Finding my way around the maze of cornfields that is iowa  :grinnin , actually it's much nicer down here then I expected, though I am using my Legend (I have the topo and metroguide disks) to find my way around, so much easier to find services and stores, just punch in the address and away you go.
Posted by Tahosa on Dec. 08 2003,6:55 pm
Mine is used to track trails for
< These Hikes >
And this group of dedicated < Volunteers > Tracking these < Trails >

So you might say I get a lot of use out of that little Vista, looking for some nice Vistas in the back country.

Posted by DustyJacket on Dec. 08 2003,8:02 pm
Driving, boating, and updating maps for the usgs.
Posted by Volvo Man on Dec. 09 2003,12:49 am
Quote (Quinn @ May 30 2003,9:12 am)
I'd be interested myself in seeing some pictures of the areas you mow. Don't want my wife to see this topic though, she would try and mount a gps on opur mower thinking it would get me to do more yard work. :tungue2 :grinnin

Hey, Mrs Quinn,

Why dont you post a cache in the middle of your lawn, (but not really place it) then bolt the GPSr to the mower, he'll spend hours looking for the cache that's not really there, then he'll notice he's mown the lawn in the process.

Posted by team_tar on Dec. 09 2003,5:27 am
Apart from all the usual (trekking, auto...), I used it to "draw" prehistorical structures (like the Hill o' many stones and the Ring of Brodgar during a trip to Scotland) looking for their astronomical alignments (the most common being towards the sunrise or sunset point in the winter solstice day). It's a a fairly common thing in this  kind of constructions, for ritual reasons.
One of them, here in Italy, hosts a vistual of mine: < The Witches' garden >

Nothing "professional", but is very fun if you are interested in such ancient things...

Posted by Volvo Man on Dec. 09 2003,12:28 pm
I originally bought my GPSr to help me navigate around streets when I'm working, with the help of a laptop & routing software as it's much faster to enter the details on the fly with the laptop. I have also started to add pushpins for all my company's equipment that I visit in the street, to make it easier to find the next time. once I got into that, I started adding lotto retailers, ATMs, favourite parking spots for lunch, coffee shops, etc etc.

When I go away, its great for always being able to find your way back to the hotel. This is especially true in Portland OR. as no matter how many times I go there, I always mess up on the one way system and get lost. Perhaps that's why Geocaching started in Portland :D

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