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Topic: Cache Names
started by: barrington

Posted by barrington on Nov. 25 2002,9:00 am
Names of caches seem to be variously mundane, descriptive, clever, vaguely off-color, or obscure except to a few who recognize an inside joke.

Any comments on how you choose names, and ones that are so subtle no one seems to "get it"?

Posted by Cracker7M on Nov. 25 2002,7:13 pm
Well, I've only placed one cache so far, and you might say, the name was "geologically" inspired.... :D

& incidentally, it's placed right next to one of yours.... :D

Posted by Scout on Nov. 26 2002,10:08 am
Most of my cache names are descriptive of their location (< Mackinac Island >, < Bahia Honda >). This helps someone browsing a list of caches know its location just from its name.

Some of my caches have names that will mean something only after you find the cache (< Big Cash Cache >, < ... do not a prison make >).

And one cache (< Clinton's wife and Finis' too >) has a cryptic name, deciphering which is the final puzzle of this puzzle cache.
Posted by Quinn on Nov. 26 2002,6:01 pm
I differ in the means of which I name my caches. Sometimes I will base it from the name of the area or park, and sometimes I will use a name that backs up some of the better known people of the time and place.

For instance I named "Ghost's Domain" based on a rather well known spook that is said to haunt the park in which the cache is placed.

another cache "Stalker" is based on the most famous serial killer in history (true story)   :0o
Posted by Gimpy on Nov. 27 2002,4:48 am
I started naming my caches after family members, then family pets. When I ran out of them, I just started naming them after their geographical locations. Made things a whole lot easier. To keep naming them after pets, would have meant a whole lot of trips to Lolly Pop Farm. ???
Posted by cenobite07 on Nov. 28 2002,10:15 am
I've only placed 2 so far and they have included a vague hint in their names.

I prefer caches that make me think a bit rather than those I can just walk up on and open so I try to make my clues a little cryptic and not too obvious. I hope I've succeeded.

I do have about a dozen in the works - all multipart, some evil ;)  - which may be named more for the theme I'm trying to impart.
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