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Topic: Where to buy?
started by: Firemedic

Posted by Firemedic on Mar. 29 2002,6:30 am
I've decided that if I am going to do it I should go with something with a good bit of memory and newer technology.  I think that is the Garmin GPS V.  A bit more than I was planning to pay but cheaper than buying a cheap unit then being dissatisfied and then buying something decent.

Where is the best place to look to purchase? e-bay? online discounter?
Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 29 2002,6:51 am
Might want to check with the folks over at < AdvancedGPS > .

I just checked their page (you have to click "Buy" to see current price) and they are listing it at $409.  This is a really good price and I believe shipping is free via Priority Mail.
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 29 2002,9:12 am
I agree with PC, Firemedic. Got mine at Advanced & was very happy with the price & the delivery. And the unit is an excellent choice. The price is very good when you consider that you get about the best GPSR out there, the pc interface cable,12 volt adapter, the automotive mount & the City Select mapping CD(with unlock code for 1 region). I love mine & it has functioned flawlessly. :grinnin
Posted by YardBoy on Mar. 29 2002,11:24 am
Advanced GPS for both my yellow submarine (eTrex) and sat grabber (III+).  Lowest price, no tax & free shipping.
Posted by Firemedic on Mar. 29 2002,1:30 pm
I trust you all, Placed order just now!
Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 29 2002,2:49 pm
I hope you used the link  :grinnin
Posted by Firemedic on Mar. 29 2002,4:10 pm
I used the link in your post
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 29 2002,4:15 pm
Way to go, Firemedic. Excellent purchase. :grinnin
Posted by advancedgps on Mar. 29 2002,5:30 pm
I just wanted to say thanks to all of you that have posted such nice things about my site, AdvancedGPS.  I really appreciate it and I also really welcome your feedback - especially regarding items you would like to see offered go does not even have to be GPS stuff, anything that would enhance the game...thanks so much - especially to you Quinn and to Gary Strong - both wonderfully loyal supporters and vocal advocates.  Kim
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 29 2002,7:15 pm
Thanks to you, Kim, for the excellent service & great product you provide. You run a class outfit. :grinnin
Posted by Firemedic on Mar. 30 2002,4:52 am
I posted the same question at the groundspeak board and got several answers there.  They seem to have more people there active on the board but I seem to get better "vibes" here (I guess you need to be my age to really understand the depth of that term.) I use their board simply because they provide alternative/additional information.

They also gave me a link with a referral encoded but I used the one here. I guess I don't understand the for profit Caching.  Do they charge for posting a cache? Seems that would keep people from placing one. What (simplified for my simple mind please) is the deal?

Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 30 2002,6:18 am
There is a whole (l-o-n-g) topic thread here regarding the whole pay-to-play issue so I will not get into that in this thread.

I would like to thank you for using the link here however. These referral fees are what we use to maintain the site (rather than charge our members anything)

Thanks again.
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 30 2002,6:46 am
I would also like to add that it is not just a link to maintain the site, but before that link was placed I looked around into many web retailers to see who offered the best deals and advnacedgps was the best I could find. I could have used a number of others as a referrer but it reflects back on the navicache site if you point someone in the wrong direction for a source. Kim really does take good care of the members here but she is human and has had a glitch or two in the past when it came to shipping communications. But I would have to say that 98% of the people that have used her sites have been very happy with the servce, prices and fast shipping.
I just didn't want you or anyone else to think we placed a link to her simply for the referrer fee's she gives to Navicache in order to help keep us running, the first reason it is there is quality of servcie and then secondly for the help to navicache. If you are also a "Magellan" user, she also owns the "Explorergps" site as well.
Posted by Firemedic on Mar. 30 2002,10:05 am
I've been watching some of the auction sites for pricing info and if I could have got one any cheaper the difference would have been eaten up in shipping fees. I was happy with the price and the referral.  

I could tell before hand that there was a referral in the link and was glad to know that this board got benefit out of it.

I got several links out of "the other" site and elected to go with this one.  If I was concerned about it I would not have done it.  Therefore:  :D
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