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Topic: GPS Restrictions, will they be added again?
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Sep. 29 2001,7:36 pm
Now as we all know the restrictions on the military sats were removed in most part by the Clinton admin, so in view of all the things happening in the world today due to the NY, Washington and PA attacks, what do you think will become of the future of GPS accuracy?
Do you think that the Bush admin will place those restrictions back on the sats for the time being so that other "not so friendly" countries can use them against us? or do you think that they may leave it well as is and not bother? GPS plays a huge role in the military today, many fighter planes and missiles use GPS as a guidance. Military ground troops, tanks and ships use GPS as well.
Do you think that maybe the thought has popped up that other terrorists may use GPS to mark and plot attacks on other US Interests?
I invite your thoughts and views for discussion.
Posted by Road Kill on Sep. 30 2001,12:03 am
      I believe that if SAT signal scrambling was of any security advantage they would have had the signals scrambled by now. I was at the Grand Canyon Village and on hiking trails using the GPS bread crumb trail feature  on the 11th, 12th & 13th. These were the critical days and I never gave it a thought but now that I recall the signals were rock solid.  My flights were cancelled so my return home was by rental car. I used the GPS all the way back going from city to city.  But in that mode of operation I would never have noticed any scrambling anyway.
      The chain of communication grounded flights, closed off trucks to dams, and covered many other security risk activities. Probably some that were never mentioned. I doubt there was any oversite on GPS issues.  That's not saying that there weren't many hands ready to flip some switches.
Posted by Guest on Sep. 30 2001,8:11 am
As far as anyone at the government level seems to be concerned SA will "NOT" be reactivated now or ever.
As a matter of fact a statement as such has been posted here <" >

Need to remember that while it was Clinton Admin that made SA removal official it was done because the military importance was no longer there. If as a terrorist you can get a nuclear or biological device within a couple hundred yards of your target then you don't need the little added accuracy of non-SA GPS any way. In fact during Desert Storm many of our forces carried civilian GPS units as they were accurate enough for their needs.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 22 2001,12:49 pm
A lttle bit of a follow up on this subject.

<,2100,47739,00.html >

Now current solar activity, that is a whole different story !

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