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Topic: Single use Camera's?
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Oct. 25 2001,7:54 am
I was wondering what type of single use Cameras you guys use for your Caches? I have used several types and brands ranging from Kodaks own right over to the ones that you can pickup at any Sunoco Self serve Gas/store. I found that many people don't always go Geocaching in the daytime, thus some pictures in my caches didnt come out or were very grainy due to not buying and using the ones with Flashes included. The average price I was able to find for the Kodak and Fuji types was about 6.50 for 27 exposures with the flash unit. I have used and seem to prefer the 27 exposure flash cameras that you can pickup at the Sunoco stations, reason is the price is about 3-4 dollars cheaper than the other brands and still puts out the same quality pictures.
So anyways...what is your feedback on cameras and also do you have or know of a cheaper place that sells them?
By the way, I have thought about a camera/hitch hiker cache where both would be in the same container and go together from cache to cache, this way a picture could be taken of the hitch hiker and the finder at several different cache locations all over. Once the camera was filled I would ask for the last person to contact me and I would pay for the shipping to get my camera back home for developement and addition to the website.
Posted by Guest on Oct. 29 2001,7:11 pm
These cameras (with flash) can generally be found for about $5-6 in this area. Have on eready for my next cache and keep meaning to go back out and put one in my others.

Hitchhiker with camera sounds like a good idea. Both could be placed within one of the gallon size zip-lock bags in the cache container to keep them together. Maybe even include the $2 for film shipping in the bag.
Posted by Gimpy on Oct. 29 2001,10:28 pm
I was getting my cache cameras at VIX or CVS drug stores till I stopped in at my local Sunoco station for gas & they had a huge display of single use cameras for &3.99 pc./ $5.99 with flash. So I picked up 10 without flash, 5 with. Have not had any pics developed off one yet, but I may soon. I put one in my "Mendon Ponds" cache when I took the original one out after about 20 logs. Now it's been logged a total of near 40 times, so time for a third camera. I should probably bring along a new log book too. When I do, I'll make sure I get the mug shots to PC or Quinn to put up on our Navicache photo gallery page. :rotflmao:
Posted by Guest on Oct. 29 2001,11:27 pm
Definitely send them along whenever you get some. As a matter of fact I believe you already have some in the current Gallery which if you can identify the cache would be a help.

I am getting ready to redo the gallery in the near future.
I have the scanner at this end, so Quinn just sent me a couple sets of prints from a couple of his caches.

Posted by Gimpy on Oct. 30 2001,12:49 am
Yes PC. One of the sets in the gallery is from the first "Mendon Ponds" cache camera & the other set is from my "Gimpys Walk" cache in Ellison Park. I scanned them here and e-mailed them to Quinn or Dave as jpg.'s I believe. I'll have to look in the gallery, but I think I named each one before sending them off. Mendon 1, Mendon 2 etc. for the ones from the Mendon cache & Gimpys 1, Gimpys 2 etc. for the ones from Gimpys Walk cache. We could do it that way or I could send you the prints. Either way is OK. The only thing I didn't do was match up the picture number with the sequence of logs in the log book to try to match up a name with the face. A few like the lovely shots of Yardboy & RoadKill were pretty obvious (and classics) but some of the other folks, I'd like to be able to identify. Maybe we could post something somewhere to direct folks from our Navicache group to the photo gallery & see if they'll own up to any of the mug shots as being of them. Quinns got a few grand shots of himself in there I believe. :thumbsup:
Posted by Quinn on Nov. 16 2001,11:40 pm
In a cache I am placing this weekend I have a "Hitch Hiker" áThat will have his own Logbook and Flash Camera, this way when a person takes him I would ask that a picture be taken of the Cacher and the hiker together, then all three go to the next cache location. I hope to be able to get tons of pictures of my new fellow at different spots all over the place, then when the camera is full (27 exp) I will send a self addressed shipping envelope to the last person who contacts me telling me so, this way I can get my camera back and post the pictures on the website. Oh! by the way, when I send out the envelope it will also contain a new camera so that the journey will continue for my hiker and his logbook. (all in a ziplock bag)

Posted by Gimpy on Nov. 17 2001,3:30 am
Sounds like a great plan. Hope that fellow cachers follow up with the directions pertaining to posting & tracking the travellers location better than they have with the existing travellers. They've been tough to follow lately. :rotflmao:
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 28 2002,5:57 pm
I just picked up the pictures from my cache camera that was placed in "Creeks Edge" cache here in Rochester, NY.
The camera has been in that cache (ammo Box) for over a year now and has been through blistering heat as well as Two winters of zub zero cold. It was a "Sunoco" camera that I bought for I think 4.00 with flash. I want to tell you the pix came out awsome and I will do my best to get them added to the picture section of the site as quick as I can.
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