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Topic: Container Markings
started by: PC Medic

Posted by Guest on Nov. 02 2001,11:20 pm
It looks like the second cache since 9/11 has fallen victim to over cautious authorities. :(
Read this news story about < Geocache 1909 > and you will see what I mean.

With all the heightened security right now, if you are using ammo cans or other containers that are not see-through, I would recommend not only marking the container as a cache but also placing contact info (maybe email address) on the outside of the container.

I generally use clear contaiers but still mark them clearly with the cache name and on the outside.

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 03 2002,8:26 pm
I am looking into getting some Friendly looking Cache container stickers that have "Calvin Cache" on them, this sticker will allow you to also place your cache coordinates as well as cache name on it. Of course any marking you make on a cache showing it to be part of a game should be good enough. But I agree that on "Ammo Cans" we need to try and cover up with paint or markings anything that shows what it used to be used for.  Think Friendly! :)
Posted by mikechim on Mar. 03 2002,9:13 pm
I print out the key points from the navicache and geocaching letter that goes in the cache, then place it over the "military wording" on the ammobox with lamination paper, it cements it in, covers the bad, and is waterproof, yeah it's white and kind of stands out but that's why you hide the thing.
Posted by Rob on Mar. 12 2002,8:48 pm
Quote (Quinn @ Mar. 03 2002,7:26 pm)
I am looking into getting some Friendly looking Cache container stickers that have "Calvin Cache" on them, this sticker will allow you to also place your cache coordinates as well as cache name on it.

I was thinking of having some sort of bumper sticker made up that would identify it as a geocache.  No idea what that would cost but I don't expect it would be much. I though of bumper stickers because they should hold up in th weather.
It also seems like they are about the same size as a 50 cal amo box.
Posted by Jumpmaster on Mar. 13 2002,12:14 am
I usually use ammo cans of the .50 cal. variety...I find that the semi-flat black Krylon paint does an excellent job of covering the markings from previous use and works well as a base for three-color camo.  Green (a specific shade of it, anyway) is the actual base color used in the military 3-color scheme, incidentally.  The police in my area are blithering idiots with an average IQ of approximately 30 so I should probably start painting them pink with blue polka dots or something to keep them from freaking out.  The key is making it so no one stumbles upon it unless they're looking for it, of course.

For marking, I used to use the stickers from but am looking for alternatives now.  Maybe I'll just cut out my own stencil and paint it on in green or brown...(or purple or light green...:0o  )

Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 13 2002,2:36 am
I use the .30 & the .50 cal. ammo cans & also spray paint them flat black with Krylon. Then I use a homemade stencil to paint on " NAVICACHE" in white Krylon. Just went into MS Word, pulled up a huge font & printed it out in a size that fits nice the length of the container. Than I picked up some of those self laminating document protectors (clear vinyl folder type things), put the 8 1/2" X 11" sheet inside, laminate it, then used a utility knife to carve out the letters. I've done 30 cans so far, & the stencils are still in good shape.  If you want to get an idea of what they look like, from the main Navicache page, hit the photos link up top, open up the album for the "First Annual Navicache Meet", and click on pic #11. Our friend with the hat made of vermin is peeking into one. :grinnin
Posted by barrington on Mar. 13 2002,8:26 am
Things learned about painting and marking ammo boxes:

1) Clear Krylon doesn't weatherproof paper labels.  Did that on my first cache, they were gone in a month.

2) Water-based "environmentally friendly" spray paint, supposed to be good for exterior applications, doesn't hold up in wet environments.  Stick with the Krylon or Rustoleum.

I cut my own stencils printed on a piece of manila folder, using the "Steamer" font in Word, but it's a pain cutting them out.  If someone has access to a stencil cutter, maybe they could make a bunch of "Navicache" stencils and make them available (compensated for cost, of course) at the Rochester get-together or by mail.
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