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Topic: Has anyone gone caching at night?
started by: dwr50

Posted by dwr50 on Aug. 11 2001,9:58 pm
I went out to check one of my caches tonight. I saw two frogs and a snake along the way. I 've only seen rabbits during my day trips.
Posted by Quinn on Aug. 12 2001,5:45 am
The skeeters here are still very active, and extremely at night. So I think i'll wait until fall before I give this a try as far as caching at night. But I think it would be a pretty neat adventure to take up. Flashlight,GPS, Bat-Boo. sounds like a plan!
Posted by Guest on Aug. 18 2001,8:20 am
While it may add somewhat to the adventure, I see two immediate problems with night time cache hunting. First and foremost would be safety. All to often you read in a Find Report something like "thanks, I'd have never know this spot existed if it weren't for your cache placement". That is a good indication that people are often going into places they are not familiar with. Doing this at night when visibility is greatly reduced (even with the best Brinkman) may not be the smartest thing to do. Especially when you consider that few, if any of these caches, are placed with night time hunting in mind. Definately an increased risk of injury, or just plain getting lost.

You also need to consider that a good number of your shall we say, "more dangerous" wild animals are noctournal.  That means you are more likely to bump into that mountain lion in the midwest, or panther in Florida at night. While it would certainly spice up your Find Report, I am not sure the few dollars in trinkets would be worth the persoanl risk.

And finally, one of the biggest opponents of the sport are those who think Geocaching will lead to the trashing of our parks.  Well, let it become widespread at night and they would probably be right. I am certain that the reduced visibility in darkness would greatly increase the chances for trail damage.  That delicate plant life you easily see, and gently step over or around in the daylight is most certain to be missed and trampled by moonlight. :sad:

Just my thoughts but, I think night time cache hunting would be a bad idea. I will reserve (and recommend) it remain a daytime sport.  

Posted by Road Kill on Aug. 18 2001,10:07 am
I found a cache in Davenport Iowa just as the sun went down. I was a nearly a mile back, in a wooded area and had the car marked.  Though it was light enough to keep from walking into trees, I was happy to have the back light on the II+.  I wanted to go the other way but I placed my trust in the GPS.  Short version - It was dark enough for me.
Posted by dgridley on Aug. 19 2001,5:21 pm
I'm with Bryan on this one... there's a big issue of safety here. I'd never attempt a night cache.. have enuff trouble avoiding branches and cliff-sides in the daylight.
Posted by Guest on Oct. 08 2001,8:09 am
How's would this be for a log entry.....

Was out last tonight and decided to give this new Geocaching thing a "shot in the dark". Using my new "Cruise" GPS was able to find the cache very easily. Took nothing, left some JDAM's.

Uncle Sam and Friends    :biggrin:

Posted by dgridley on Oct. 08 2001,4:52 pm
Recently I tried locating a cache using a blindfold and earmuffs... using only my sense of smell I was able to locate several caches (unfortunately none were originally left by humans and consisted mainly of acorns, nuts, and berries.
Posted by mikechim on Oct. 25 2001,10:49 pm
I've done probably around 5 geocaches at night, not by exactly by choice (in each situation I was in the area far from home (heading elsewhere) and would probably never be back there).  I can say that I've had experiences that were both enhanced and worsened (is that a word?) by night hunting.  Some of the easy caches are made more intriguing and difficult at night which is a good thing, also these caches are usually in areas where damage to the natural fuana is a none issue.  However, some of my bad experiences include being so tangled up in burs that they never came out of the clothes I was wearing (a hazard I could have somewhat avoided if I went in the day with more light) and falling (fortunately I have a headlamp so I have use of my hands).  That being said I think any cache that had an extremely high terrain difficulty (ie 1000 foot drops into alligator pits, rocks, etc) I'd probably avoid.  Especially since I do many of my caches solo, (I do usually grab an emergency whistle, and a the emergency cell phone from my car if I'm going at night.
Posted by Guest on Oct. 29 2001,9:11 am
Far from home, all alone, woods, at night !! :looking:

You weren't by any chance at a a lodge near a lake at some closed down summer camp were you?
I've seen movies about stuff like that.   :D
Posted by mikechim on Oct. 30 2001,2:18 am
-laughing- no there was only one like that... kept hearing this strange "che che che che ah ah ah ah ah" sound over and over again   :)

Posted by Ascension on Oct. 30 2001,4:26 pm
I did a cache in the dark Friday night.  It was a fairly easy one, but I was unable to find it.  And walking around with a flashlight and a gps made me feel like I was going to crush one or the other if I fell, hopefully the flashlight.  I came back to the cache Sunday afternoon and got it.

So I have to say that while it was kinda fun, I don't think I'll try it again anytime soon.
Posted by mikechim on Nov. 01 2001,5:19 pm
I just returned from placing a cache (for those who do not want to read a shameless plug skip to the next paragraph, ok you've been warned Shameless plug begins now)  the cache was the "Gamehenge Ranger's CD swap shop" and as the name implies it is a CD only cache.. check it out (end shameless plug)

Anyway we found a place to place the cache while it was getting pretty dark, which left us to hike back through the gorge to the car in the dark (a tripped a couple times, fortunately I got distracted midtrip so I never actually hit the ground just hovered above it, unforunately about the time I started to realize that this shouldn't be happening... it wasn't and gravity decided to pay attention to me again   , the Garmin etrex legend sure is a sturdy little unit, probably the 4th or 5th time I've fallen on it).  ).  Anyway I realized that both caches I've placed in Erie have been done in the dark.  The last one we did (I'll spare ya the shameless plug this time) we completed with a headlamp, (I had kind of figured we'd run out of light on that one)  This one we hadn't planned on putting as far in and figured we'd be done before the sun ran away, unfortunately it's running pretty fast these days.

I will say that I DO NO RECOMEND hiding a cache in the dark, especially if it requires off trail walking, however if you get in that unfortunate prediciment use some jedi mind tricks, gazelle like reflexes, and hold your hands infront of your face to block those now invisible little trees and branches, and you should escape unscathed.    :D

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