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Topic: not posting finds
started by: mrmom

Posted by mrmom on April 19 2002,7:09 pm
I can post to forums.
The system will not let me log finds or email.  I receive an autoresopnce "my email address not in system".  If I go to members and click on my username, i can send mail to myself.  3 weeks ago I sent Quinn an IM but no responce.  Must I have outlook to post?
Posted by Quinn on April 19 2002,7:30 pm
hmmm...sorry i must have missed your message to me. i will go in and check your information now and make sure that your e-mail and password match the same that you use to post here in the forums. If there is anymore problems be sure to e-mail me again at and I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them this time.
Posted by Quinn on April 19 2002,7:41 pm
hmmm...Looking into the data base I do not see any member with the name "mrmom"...I do however se one with "mrsmom" is there any relation? Please go in and sign up for an account on the main page with the information you wish to use. I will keep an eye on it and watch to make sure it goes through ok.
If you need any help please by all means let me know and I will get right on it.

I would also like to point out that there are (2) accounts needed to be filled out if you wish to use both Forums and cache submission/ cache logging sections...

The forums have a sign up of their own within the forums main page, and the Navicache site has one as well located on the main page of which allows you to submit and log your cache finds. i realize this can confuse quite a bit of people but just wanted to mention this in case it was over looked.

Posted by mrmom on April 19 2002,9:28 pm

Everything is working fine now.  What a concept, two hands, two feet, two gpsr's, two sets of books, two accounts, There are many other great things you'll find in pairs.  HAPPY MUDDING!
Posted by DxChallenged on April 20 2002,4:02 am
Hey mrmom......

Welcome!  And I'm glad that you're posting your finds.  My brother-in -law just started cacheing but he doesn't log his finds in on a site........

Fearless asked me to post about this and see what the cache owners had to say about it......

Anyway, I'm glad to see ya here!  Great site........Hey you might be my brother-in-law  :wave  err  see you on the trails!

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