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Topic: Stencils
started by: Geo G

Posted by Geo G on Sep. 04 2002,6:49 pm
Can anyone tell me where to get a "Geocache" stencil made up for identifying caches?  Preferably in the Rochester, NY area.
Posted by barrington on Sep. 05 2002,6:58 pm
Can anyone tell me where to get a "Geocache" stencil made up for identifying caches?  Preferably in the Rochester, NY area.

Stencil kits (individual letters you can assemble into words) are available at office supply stores in various sizes.  I think I got mine at Staples.  

I mark my caches "NAVICACHE"  :love  ;)
Posted by Gimpy on Sep. 06 2002,2:03 am
Geo G. Make your own. Go to this web page (great site): < >
& near the bottom of the main page, check out the stencils you can download. Instructions included. Just pick up the weight paper of your choice, & have at it. I picked up a package of those self laminating document protectors & laminated the sheets. They hold up real well. I've also gone into MS Word, & made up my own, similar to the "geocache" ones, but say "Navicache". Just used a huge stencil font. Hope this helps.

Posted by Hinge Thunder on Sep. 06 2002,5:24 am
I have done two different stencils to label my caches. Both of them were done on old file folders, since they are made of nice heavy stock. The first one was done by using a stencil set, drawing the letters on the folder, and then cutting out the letters with a box knife. The stencil was made by cutting a folder down to 8.5x11 inches, and then running it through my printer, printing on the letters (not a stencil font), then cutting them out with a box knife.
Posted by Geo G on Sep. 06 2002,1:41 pm
Thanks for all the suggestions.  I was originally looking to see if any place had a stencil machine - kind of like a large Dymo label maker.  I remember using one a long time ago.  In the meantime, I stopped at Staples yesterday.  They didn't have a small enough font size for the stick on stencils.  I ended up doing just what you suggested Hinge.  I used a plastic letter stencil set, and traced it out on heavy cardboard, then cut it out with an X-acto knife.  Not beautiful, but it'll work.  Got the ammo boxes, now we're ready to scout out some sites tomorrow.  One other related question.  If several of us place the cache as a team, can we also list it as a cache placed under our own individual user names?  What's the general practice?
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