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Topic: multicache and the othersite..
started by: lighthouserocket

Posted by lighthouserocket on July 12 2003,5:40 am
i've only done one other multi-cache and that was a while ago.. then didn't "first.... need to
know the coordinates of the other stages of this multicache".  Do they always require all the coords now?  or is it because i said there are double digit way points? or what?  at any rate i am not going to oblidge, i've got navicache to count on!  The cache in question Cache Matser ~Flash..  does have many waypoints and will test your caching stamina, both mental and physical.  I see it more as a race course!  .. Do to the large number of waypoints,  I do plan to remove this after may 14, 2004 ..unless i can't maintain it and waypoint markers go missing.. then it would have to be sooner..

Posted by Quinn on July 12 2003,5:53 am
I am not sure why they would require all the waypoints unless it's simply to look over and to make sure they don't cross into an area that is private land or may cause harm.

if they wish to have you list all on your cache page that would not make snese because then whats the point of calling it a Multi?

I have looked at your cache and it looks interesting. I am trying to grab time to give it a go now.  :p

Posted by lighthouserocket on July 12 2003,6:44 am
" I am trying to grab time to give it a go now" sure to grab plenty of time.. :O    will be interesting to see how it works..  i did my best to make the waypoint markers "a reasonable find"..  with coords  as accurate as i could get them..
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