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Topic: Transformation from wgs84 to Nad27
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on July 06 2001,2:07 pm
Mr. Bowter or any of you other Guru nut cases out there, I am trying to figure out how to formulate a transformation from wgs84 to nad27...does anyone know a simple way to calculate this? I want it for topozone mapping and I don't have enough fingers and toe's. So lets say I was to use N43* 32.468 W077* 45.876 what would this be converted to nad27 and how did you make this transformation?   ahhhhhhhh!! :angry:
Posted by Bob Bowter on July 06 2001,4:02 pm
Try: <

Some > very nasty math doing these sort of conversions.

Posted by WJJagFan on July 12 2001,1:38 pm
Try this simple converstion table.
< >
Posted by Quinn on July 12 2001,1:43 pm
Hi Jag,

Welcome to the forums by the way. yeah I saw the Jeep transformer before, but what I am looking for is the math behind the scenes, I want to know how they came up with the transformed numbers so I can do it myself.
Thanks for the help though!.

Posted by Quinn on Aug. 17 2001,6:42 pm
As you can see, I got it all figured out with some help from the "Bro". He's not much on looks and I had to teach him everything he knows about computers, but he does come in handy time to time...

ok-ok...the computer bit was a lie! :)

Posted by dwr50 on Aug. 20 2001,11:16 pm
I tried to use the converter and it gave me the wrong results. When I looked at the MapBlast map provided on the jeeep page the X was way off. The way you enter the cache info on Navicache gives the right results on the Topozone map you get at I would list my caches on if I could input the information the same way as I do here,but since they us a different standard that requires a conversion, I won't.
Posted by Quinn on Aug. 21 2001,5:14 am
:biggrin: Glad you like it .
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