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Topic: Logging caches after the fact?
started by: Cracker7M

Posted by Cracker7M on Nov. 01 2002,10:17 am
I've only been caching for a short time, and I have been logging my finds on "that other" website.

Would it be acceptable or not, to go back and log them on Navicache also?

I'm not really into the keeping score aspect of caching, but figured maybe the cache hiders and those who dont use "that other" website would appreciate the logging here also....

Posted by Quinn on Nov. 01 2002,12:09 pm
of course you can... many people have done that and there is nothing wrong with it at all. After all, you did find it so log it.   :)
Posted by Cracker7M on Nov. 01 2002,3:12 pm
Thanx, Quinn!

Oh, yeah, thanx for getting my 1st cache up so quick, too! :D

Oh yeah, and for answering my other question, too.. :)

Posted by PC Medic on Nov. 27 2003,8:51 am
Kind of reviving and old topic here, but have received recent emails about the same thing.

The answer again is...yes this is perfectly fine to do (and in fact recomended). I have however seen several entries where the finder was leaving the default (current) date in the form and then entering the statement "I actually found this on xx/xx/xx". The thing to remember when logging a cache after the fact (for what ever reason) is that you can (and need to) be sure to change the date in the form to match the date you actually found the cache. This way the explaination is not needed and it will list in proper order.

Posted by strikeforce_sunset on Nov. 27 2003,9:56 am
Been there, Done that. I agree, always log the find to which ever side you choose, when their listed on both. I sometimes get a listing for one side only. When I get a notice from the "other side", I try to email them and direct them here to log the find as well. This will also help "Newbies" to know about "Navicache" as well. Hopefully, they'll register here and up the memberships. Happy Caching :)
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