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Topic: Have you ever had your cache trashed ...naturally?
started by: DxChallenged

Posted by DxChallenged on Sep. 06 2002,9:08 am
Hey.....So about a month ago 300 mag and Mrs. 300mag were here.  We raced around western NY and in the midst of it all hid a cache together.  I had put off getting it approved so I waited until last week and by that time I had forgotten what was in it.......So Fearless, Sweety and I trucked out to find it........Wow am I glad I did.  I had considered just posting it and relying on my middle aged brain to recall what was inside.....

I can honestly say that it had more stuff inside that what I had left it with.......lets say 100 more things.......It was filled with these nasty bugs....long skinny bugs with a curl at the end and an equal amount of their bug doo.........These critters were inside everything......They totally ruined the silk case that the chinese had message balls were in and found the inside of a smoke detector to be most inviting......Still gives me the heebees.......Now those babies would have made a memorable exp for the first finder....

So anyone out there with the same exp?

Posted by Gimpy on Sep. 06 2002,9:14 am
Hey, DX. What did you use for a cache container? I've used ammo boxes for all of mine, & have not yet seen anything in any of them that wasn't put there by a cacher.
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