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Topic: Mapping software - Reviews & Questions
started by: Road Kill

Posted by Road Kill on Oct. 06 2001,7:46 pm
I think it's about time to discuss this topic. Especially because I'm looking for answers.

I always printout my topo with the cache script when heading out. But now I have other interests related to mapping and map use.  I want to be able to publish a map with a cache site as I would publish a photo.  Is there something zoomable where one could add lines, dots & text before saving a snapshot. I'm not looking for the zoom, or edit powers after snapshot is made. Just a display like a photo.

Specifically I want to draw lines from coordinates (Point A) to Coordinates (Point B). Or put a dot at Coordinates(Point C). When done I want to Zoom in to fill the frame with area (US, NY, or Park) and store that work as an image with the map (like StreetsPlus)  in the background.

Am I describing something that exists?

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Posted by Guest on Oct. 06 2001,8:06 pm
Are you looking for ability to create a topo type map or just a standard map with a pin and text added.?

Posted by Road Kill on Oct. 07 2001,6:03 pm
Just a standard map with cities, there names, state lines, and major routes (also with names).  Specifically for use with the Hare & Tortoise Race.  I want to be able to have a line updatable for each racer (possibly of different colors) so that I can illustrate there progress as they make their way home.  Then add text (IE: "Back to School  9/8/01 Phoenix") at each stopping point.

I am also interested in mapping in general and thought I would inspire some cachers to tell what they are doing with their map programs.  Maybe give reviews of pitfalls and discoveries.

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Posted by Guest on Oct. 07 2001,6:51 pm
Check out The online map creating utility on FlatText's site at < > .
It allows making of maps of various sizes with different layer including stat lines, county lines, etc. If you have some zip codes of the area a cache is in it will even place a pin on the map for you.

May be just what you are looking for.

Posted by Scout on Oct. 07 2001,8:46 pm
Also check out <a href=""></a>

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