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Topic: Where is YardBoy?
started by: Scout

Posted by Scout on Jan. 20 2004,9:11 pm
YardBoy, I just saw your log of a cache in Sault Ste Marie. Since when have you been back from India? Just a home visit or are you back permanently? By the way, that virtual geocache was in a lot more inviting climate when I visited it in summer than your recent visit in winter. But leave it to YardBoy to find the most comfortable way to score a virtual. ;-)
Posted by YardBoy on Jan. 29 2004,7:11 am
I returned from India to Rochester, NY on 03 NOV 03.  Within 3 weeks, I was at our newest call center in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  I spent Xmas week in Florida with the parents then returned to Canada.  I returned to Rochester last night, duration to be determined.

Scout refers to < Sault Ste Marie > NaviCache which is right on the river dividing US-Canada.  While the weather is nasty this time of year, visit the posting and my digital pictures.  I did this one in comfort  :O

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