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Topic: Maps for OziExplorer CE
started by: bapu

Posted by bapu on Nov. 28 2007,6:09 pm
We have a member 'Yardboy' that goes to India quite frequently (including Bangalore).
He has also hidden caches in the area.
May I suggest you contact him and see what he may be able to suggest for that area.
You can use the 'Contact Cacher' funtion after you login to your Mynavicache account or from his profile in the Forums.
'PC Medic'

I will be in south India From 2007-12-08 to 2008-01-15.
I'm member of :
< >
under the pseudo of : The Daron
I didn't know there was other geocaching networks but I am not astonished.
For geocaching, I dispose of a PDA :
Eten Glofiish M700 under Windows Mobile 6,
with integrated GPS
and OziExplorer.
The problem for me is that I have no maps for India geocaching ;-(
My base will be in Bangalore.
+3387 408 977 SkypIn
02 41 67 19 26 fixe
0 950 786 649 Freebox
0 955 786 649 fax
06 68 67 07 07 mobile

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