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Topic: Software to geostamp digita pictures
started by: JeepCachr

Posted by JeepCachr on April 17 2004,8:02 pm
I'm looking for software to stamp my digital pictures with location information based on comparing the picture date and time with the tracklog from my GPS. So far I've found 2 solutions. One for $900 and another for $229. Does anyone know of any cheaper solutions?

In the search engines I've found references to a site that a guy wrote a script to do it with a kodak camera but the links to it are dead.

Posted by PC Medic on April 17 2004,10:20 pm
Well you do not mention which software packages you have looked into by name, but based on your prices I am assuming one is 'GPS-Photo Link' which I was recently looking at. A much less expensive option if your camera supports EXIF data would be < RoboGeo >

You may also be interested in some alternatives to software like the < Ricoh RDC-i700g > . This cool little camera actually has an optional GPS card that plugs into it and will stanp the photo with GPS location data. A little pricey at $1100+ though. I know there are similar kits that allow a Garmin III or III+ to be mounted to some Kodak Digicams for the same purpose. Not sure what the price point is on these.

Posted by JeepCachr on April 17 2004,10:37 pm
Thats exactly what I was talking about when I said reasonably priced. I will definately be looking into what that software can do. At $23 its worth taking a chance and just trying it if it looks like it can do what I want.

The $229 software I looked at was gps-photo link and the $900 package was Trimbles Media mapper. I also found this site that does it online but I'm looking for an off line solution. < GPS Snapper- GPS photography >

Both my cameras support Exif. I'm especially interested in this since I'd like to do some KAP (kite aerial photography) with the new camera that I just ordered.

One of the things I love about digital pictures is that the time and date is recorded. Its very frustrating that my family has so many old pictures that nobody has any idea when or where they were taken. The next thing they'll need is the ability to identify and store who the people in the picture are.  :D

Posted by JeepCachr on May 21 2004,7:00 am
I answered my question in another thread-
< >

RoboGeo does exactly what I was trying to accomplish.

Posted by PC Medic on May 21 2004,6:43 pm
Glad the RoboGeo worked out.  :thumbs-up

I do wish a version would come out with direct support for the Magellan GPS's,

Posted by JeepCachr on May 22 2004,7:15 pm
Quote (PC Medic @ May 21 2004,8:43 pm)
Glad the RoboGeo worked out. :thumbs-up

I do wish a version would come out with direct support for the Magellan GPS's,

This program actually influenced my decision to purchase a new Garmin. It was only one of many factors but it was a factor.
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