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Topic: GPS  in entertainment
started by: NetDep

Posted by NetDep on April 25 2002,1:26 pm
This may already be a thread and if it is please accept apologies in advance.  But while watching the X-Files the other day (reruns - the good ones) I saw Mulder use a GPS when looking for an outpost in Alaksa.  Also, Scully was looking for him and Ass't. Director Skinner gave her the long/lat of his location - that is how he was found and rescued.  Any other "spots" of GPS's in movies/tv/songs?  Just noticed that now that I have a GPS and getting interested. TIA (thanks in advance).
Posted by Quinn on April 25 2002,2:06 pm
Ya know...I think I saw that one on the X-files also!

One of my favorite shows is the "Great Race"... I think it would be cool that if instead of stopping and asking for directions that someone would just whip out the 'ol Magellan or Garmin and say "we gotta go that way" :)
Posted by NetDep on April 26 2002,11:25 am
Just remembered a song too - Jimmy Buffet's, "Changes in Attitudes, Changes in LATTITUDES."   :)
Posted by Volvo Man on Nov. 18 2003,6:21 pm
GPS was mentioned and used in "Jeremiah" once, they said that while the space program had died with the adults, the GPS satelites were mostly still working and they had found an old military GPSr. Struck me as funny that all those electronics stores that no longer had any staff hadn't yeilded up a glut of the latest hadhelds, all they had was a backpack sized unit with red LED readout.

GPS was also used in "Alias", or was it "The Net" when the bad guys disrupted the signal and caused some guy to crash his plane into a cooling tower in the dark.

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