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Topic: Sundance Solar...Diogenes!
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Oct. 18 2001,6:00 pm
You guys have got to check this out!  < Diogenes > I was in contact with a Gentleman from this company who has offered to send one out for us to review. I am certain this has Gimpy's name all over it, not to mention scout and Yardboy. Gimpy can use it to run the 12 GPSR's he has hanging from his waist and Yardboy can use it to carry his fridge with him while Geocaching. Scout can watch football in the woods while walking his coordinates.   :) Pretty cool Item if you ask me, this would be great for camping!

Posted by Gimpy on Oct. 19 2001,12:30 am
That must be a new item. I bought 24 renewable rechargeables & charger from them back about 3 months ago & I didn't see it on their site then. Did you happen to play the video on the page the link takes you to? The "dudes" are a pair of beauties. I wonder who the marketing genious is who came up with that.
Posted by Quinn on Oct. 19 2001,4:45 am
actually when I saw the video the first thing that came to mind was you and yardboy bumping into each other on a trail somewhere. The unit itself is new and isn't even on the market as of yet.
Posted by Road Kill on Oct. 19 2001,3:21 pm
It will never fit under my moose hide coat.
Posted by YardBoy on Oct. 19 2001,8:44 pm
Hmmm, might work with this device...

substitute in the Becks!

Posted by Quinn on Oct. 19 2001,9:34 pm
Quote: from YardBoy on 10:44 pm on Oct. 19, 2001
Hmmm, might work with this device...

substitute in the Becks!

whoa!!...way cool. But before I get one of those I have my heart set on one of these

Posted by Guest on Oct. 19 2001,11:05 pm
Quote: from Quinn on 11:34 pm on Oct. 19, 2001[br
whoa!!...way cool. But before I get one of those I have my heart set on one of these

ME TOO !!!

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 22 2002,5:30 pm
< Diogenes Solar Pack >

I have always been one for making sure my batteries never run out on me by bringing along a few extra sets. Last weekend I was dumb enough to give away all my extra bats in cache containers I had visited, and wouldn't you know it on my way to another cache my GPS just went Zonk!
I have found a new way to carry my GPSR equipment and at the same time was intending on testing this new idea but had never gotten around to it, but when my batteries died on me leaving me in the middle of a beach with my draw dropped I was quickly able to swap out with a set of batteries that were charging in my solar pack. This has got to be one of the collest ideas i have seen in a long time. I can actually charge the set that comes with the pack, and at the same time with all the plugs that come with it I can charge an extra set in another charger by plugging it into the pack.
I can easily fit all my GPSR's and camera into this slick little toy and it doesn't take long at all for a recharge if ever I need it. If you are a camper or long hiker and will be out in the woods for quite a bit of time this is something you may want to consider. When this first was placed out for retail it was listed at 299.00 I think, but now is 199.00 and well worth it in my book. It comes with Four Ray-o-vac™ batteries that work extremely well in the GPSR's. Something for you guys to think on. Pricey a bit but won't let you down.

Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 23 2002,8:09 am
I notice the cigarette lighter adapter in the picture. Is this capable of actually powering the GPS while you are on the move? Would certainly conserve on batteries !
Posted by 300mag on Mar. 27 2002,1:55 pm
Nice charger you should leave it in a cache instead of batteries :) Seriously this is a cool item but how heavy and big is it?
I have just checked on the link and the dimensions are 9x5 1/2x 4 1/2 and they say shipping weight is 5pounds. It's still not too bad to carry around but will people want to carry that additional weight?

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 27 2002,5:21 pm
Empty I would say it's about maybe half that. Very light and easy to carry. Has a nice strap too! and can keep your GPSr going on it's own.
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