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Topic: Boots and clothes?
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 21 2002,8:49 am
About a year ago I picked up a good set of hiking boots from Dick's sporting goods in our area of upstate, NY. I pretty much wore them out and they are not water proof at all I don't think. I like them because of the comfort but would like to get a pair that is very light and water proof so replace them. I am not too concerned about money more-so than I am about being happy in the field. Does anyone else have any ideas or brand of boot that they use, and if so what is it you like about them and where did you buy them at?

I also like to wear shorts in the warmer weather with Cargo pockets to load all of my gear in. I have seen quite a few nice styles out there and have found that I like the "water shorts" the best. These can be found at pretty much all sporting goods stores and I found mine located at a canoe rental shop here in Rochester, if they get wet they dry quite fast.
Posted by Rob on Mar. 21 2002,10:16 am
Iím not really up on boots though, years ago, everybody got excited about Vibram soles.  In my experience Vibrum does hold up better though, Iím just not sure if itís the latest in shoe technology.  Fell in love with a pair of boots awhile back and had them re-soled with Vibrum. Had to have the guy do it twice. After specifying Vibram, he tried to fool me with a cheaper brand.
Speaking of getting boots re-soled does anybody still do that?  Iíve never been satisfied.

One more thing about boots.  Donít get any with red laces. I wore mine to work the other day and our student worker about had a laughing fit.  Seems that red shoelaces are ďtotally un-coolĒ.
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 21 2002,10:17 am
I posted this topic last year so I could get an idea of what seasoned hikers & cachers were wearing for boots. I wanted to make the investment, but not without getting a real good idea of what to look for. Most good quality hiking boots aren't cheap. After receiving a lot of response, I got a pair of Vasque boots at Galyans. They are extremely comfortable, waterproof I believe,(except when trudging through the swamp at Black Creek Park, & the water is flowing over the top of the boot), & have a really good grip when navigating steep terrain. I really like em'. :grinnin
Posted by barrington on Mar. 21 2002,2:11 pm
I'm in about my tenth year on a pair of Wolverine "Durashocks" steel-toed work boots that refuse to wear out. †With an annual application of "Snowproof" beeswax gunk they stay waterproof, but don't look too pretty. †They were $100 plus at Grassroots (Rochester NY area); I would never have spent that much, but my employer paid for them. :xmas

And Gimpy, if you'd read the clues and stay on the trails...... :nono

Posted by 300mag on Mar. 21 2002,9:05 pm
I have a pair of Columbia Titanium boots with omnitech.Paid nothing for them (the wife did for christmas) around 200$ CDN. These are pretty light and breathable. I have been using these for work and play (hunting) and every day walking. (10km every day) for the last two years. I guess they are winter boots. So far i like them. They have a pretty good grip even in icy situations and there pretty warm . I am comfortable too around -25c (figure it out lol). I suppose they'd be too warm for summer hiking but perfect for cooler weather.
Posted by mikechim on Mar. 22 2002,12:32 am
Well before I recomend anything it's all about how it feels on your foot.  Heel should be tight and you want room to wiggle your toes. That being said.

VASQUE are IMHO far and away the best hiking boot.  I'd recomend either the fusions (the GORETEX model they have with and without gortex) or the Sundowners.  The sundowners are the Classic (and the standard in)backpacking/hiking boot.  A midweight boot light enough for dayhikes and tough enough for backpacking trips.  

The fusions are a lightweight boot (a little to light for backpacking, by backpackng I'm talking 40lbs on your back or so) that are midhigh.  Both are extremely comfortable, goretex, etc.  They should last you much longer then a year.
Posted by mikechim on Mar. 22 2002,12:35 am
Oh Dear God.... (hangs head in shame)... I've become Al Bundy  ??? (got to get to grad school)
Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 23 2002,8:40 am
Damn ! And here I am running around in a pair of sneakers from Pay-Less Shoes  :grinnin
Posted by bond 007 on June 11 2002,11:42 pm
I wear HI TEC boots most comfortable boots I've ever worn

Lee :withstupid
Posted by Guest on Oct. 20 2002,3:54 am
Your boots were made for cachin'  :p

< >

Posted by YardBoy on Oct. 20 2002,1:25 pm
Quote (upinyachit @ Oct. 20 2002,05:54 am)
Your boots were made for cachin' †:p

< >

:love Ummmm, Nancy Sinatra, mini skirts & go-go boots, Summer of '66 (I was a Sophomore)

Posted by Gimpy on Oct. 20 2002,9:22 pm
Quote (YardBoy @ Oct. 20 2002,3:25 pm)
Your boots were made for cachin' †:p

< >

:love Ummmm, Nancy Sinatra, mini skirts & go-go boots, Summer of '66 (I was a Sophomore)

Ahh, yes. Those were the days. Like they say, if I knew then what I know now. ???
Posted by Road Kill on Oct. 21 2002,6:30 pm
Hats? Did I here mention of hats? Winter is coming and caching requires a warm hat. The craze established way before Nancy's boots was Fess Parkers hat. Grin
Posted by barrington on April 06 2003,4:09 pm
Being at an age where a prattfall might result in needing some part replacements, we found a product that really saved out butts (literally) this winter season, and let us get out hiking more than we usually would (and with the winter we had in Western NY, sometimes just made it a helluva lot easier to get to the mailbox).

It's called "Yaktrax", and they're ice grippers that pull onto shoes or boots with an elastic band; They're easy to use, and VERY effective on ice or hardpacked snow. They fit in a jacket pocket when not needed.  They're available at sporting goods stores, some shoe stores, and online at
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