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Topic: PDA Questions
started by: Morseman

Posted by Morseman on Jan. 03 2003,4:29 am
I've just bought a Palm M130 PDA, mainly for the organiser/diary/addressbook capabilities, with some money that my ex-colleagues collected for my leaving present.

Now, I've got it set up to HotSync etc., so I know it's working, but now I'd like to integrate it with my Geocaching and Geodashing activities.  As well as Amateur Radio, of course.  :grinnin

So, the first things I need are interface cables, as the HotSync connection is a cradle and USB connector, and I need to bring the connections out to a more user friendly connector like a DB9 etc.

Then I will need advice about software that might be of use in Geocaching/dashing.  I have installed the Excel and Word reader add-ons.

Anyone out there got any tips or recommendations for the Palm series and the M130 in particular please?
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