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Topic: Vehicle use in caching
started by: barrington

Posted by barrington on April 01 2002,8:16 pm
So far, I've walked in for all my cache hunts and placements , but some caches are so remote that it seems unlikely they were placed on foot.  Has anyone used an ATV, trail bike or even a bicycle to place or search for a cache? Would anyone admit to it? ???
Posted by mikechim on April 02 2002,6:14 am
Have yet to use any of those, although I'll probably place a cache on a mountain bike one of these days.
Posted by scalpel on Sep. 24 2004,2:43 pm
I have used a mtn bike alot for caching.  Either most or part of the trip, sometimes all of it.  Was riding back out from a cache I placed recently and encountered a black bear.  IT was neat.  The bear took off quick, as I startled it.   IT was just about dark, so I got pretty close before I noticed it.
Posted by Quinn on Sep. 27 2004,6:21 pm
I also have used my mountain bike to find a cache or two as well as place them. I have a mount right on the handle bars that holds my gps quite nicely.

Those long trails can get to you after a while unless you have a bike I guess.

Posted by Strangeman on June 26 2008,8:22 pm
A Subaru Outback is my primary but I also use a mountain bike, cross country skis and snowshoes to reach caches and to place them

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