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Topic: Looking For PDA
started by: njload

Posted by njload on Jan. 29 2003,3:46 am
Whats a good PDA to buy and use for geocaching? I've never looked or compared before so I really don't know what the options are.

Any help on what to look for is appreciated.

Posted by Morseman on Jan. 29 2003,4:27 am
Whats a good PDA to buy and use for geocaching? I've never looked or compared before so I really don't know what the options are.

Most of the popular PDAs will be OK, but it depends what you want to do with it.  Will Geocaching be your only use?  Do you want something which runs an OS that is similar to windows?

For what it's worth, I've just bought myself a Palm M130, which I use as a portable note pad, I download details of caches using < Geoclipping > which avoids me having to pay to be a member of the other site, and I think would work with Navicache pages, but as I've not been on many geocache hunts in the last week or so, I've not tried it yet.

A also use my Palm as a diary, shopping list, alarm call, ToDo list maker and to make notes about Trig Points that I visit and I intend to use it to make notes when I'm out with my Amateur Radio gear regarding the stations I speak to.


Posted by Scout on Jan. 29 2003,8:06 am
Whats a good PDA to buy and use for geocaching?

First, you don't need a PDA for geocaching. All you need is a GPS receiver (and many players get along fine without even that).

I do not recommend getting a PDA with a GPS receiver built in. PDAs are fragile and won't stand up to hiking in the woods while staring down at your hand instead of the trail.

If you still want a PDA, I recommend getting one where the GPS receiver is a separate module that you can remove when you're not geocaching so the PDA can slip into your pocket more easily around the house or office.

Finally, I recommend getting the cheapest PDA you can find that still accepts a GPS module. A $100 Palm device with a monochrome screen has more functionality than most people ever use. Why spend more only to find that the device ends up in the back of your desk drawer?


Posted by njload on Jan. 29 2003,6:07 pm
I have a Sportrak Pro. Looking for a PDA to download geocaching pages from web-site instead of using a three ring binder.
Posted by Gimpy on Jan. 30 2003,2:58 am
I run a Sony Clie' T665C color unit that works out fantastic, but there's no need to go to that extreme. Just a basic Palm or Handspring unit would probably do. But I'd make sure you get one that has the capabilty to expand via a card slot. In my Clie', I have a 128 mb. memory stick, that currently has 105 mb. of info & pictures on it. Plus I have 2 other 128 mb. sticks that contain other various applications, or I can use as backup. I generally have cache pages for 350 or so caches in it, which only take about 2 mb. of memory. So if all you plan on using it only for caching, you could go with one without the slot for memory cards, as long as you had 8 mb. of memory.
Posted by Strangeman on June 26 2008,8:34 pm
I use an old Palm Zire M150 and it works just great. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles but then I only paid $20 for it. The nice part is if it gets destroyed out caching , I'm not out the big bucks  :grinnin
Posted by GraysonGarry on June 30 2012,6:40 am
I am also looking forward to buy one. $20 is really affordable. Can you tell me from where can I get it for same price or near about?
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