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Topic: Headlamps
started by: Hinge Thunder

Posted by Hinge Thunder on April 30 2002,7:58 am
I recently bought a Princeton Tec Vortec, and have used it for a couple night caches. It works pretty well, even in the rain. I spent alot of time reading reviews before deciding on it. Other models I had considered were the Petzl Zoom, The Petzl Duo, even the Petzl Tikka (but decided the LEDs might not be bright enough for caching). What are other people using?  :wave
Posted by GeoRockers on May 01 2002,4:55 am
I use a 4 D-cell MAG-LITE with a Pachmayr SURE GRIP, a mini MAG-LITE(always in back pack), and a Famous Trails night vision scope for night caches. :grinnin

Posted by Quinn on May 01 2002,8:22 am
All I ever take if I am sure it's close to dark is a mini -mag, these put off great light and are much easier to carry about.
Posted by Hinge Thunder on May 01 2002,9:10 am
Quote (Quinn @ May 01 2002,10:22 am)
All I ever take if I am sure it's close to dark is a mini -mag, these put off great light and are much easier to carry about.

I have a minimag in my daypack just in case, but the headlamp is a nice hands free light. This is especially useful when I have a gps in my left hand, and a dog leash in the right. I like to keep my other hand free.  :p

There is something really neat about going in to these small parks after dark, and searching for caches. These pleasant little parks during the day, can be downright eerie at night. When I went after Mother In Law's Walk, it was just plain spooky. Also finding the cache in the dark can be more challenging.
Posted by Atilla the Pun on May 27 2002,11:58 am
The best source of info I have found on LED flashlights is the < The LED Museum >.  This guy puts them through the wringer (almost litterally!  :0 ) and tells you where the rubber meets the road.

Posted by mikechim on May 30 2002,3:21 pm
I use the Petzl MICRO, and love it.  It's compact (fits in the pocket of a pair of shorts) and lightweight (100 grams w/o the 2 AA batteries), both of which were requirements for backpacking, which was the original reason I got it.  The direction of the light as well as the width of the beam can be changed.  It also provided plenty of light to read, write, and hike by (though not enough for a group of people).  I take it along in my pack when I know I may not get out before dusk, I also try to keep my minimag in my backpack whenever I go out in the afternoon.  I just got a mini mini keychain mag from a cache the otherday that's going right on my keychain once I get the AAA batteries it runs on.
Posted by Hinge Thunder on May 30 2002,8:31 pm
Quote (Atilla the Pun @ May 27 2002,1:58 pm)
The best source of info I have found on LED flashlights is the

Has anyone tried an LED headlamp for geocaching?

I originally considered going with an LED light, but it seemed like the things I have read said they are more suited to close up work. So I am wondering how they would be while walking down a trail at night. I am using the halogen bulb in my Vortec with narrow beam reflector. I am going to try the wide beam reflector on my next night outing to see how it does.
Posted by bond 007 on June 11 2002,11:39 pm
I have the petzl tikka 3 aaa 's and the best part 150hrs
Backpacker gave it high marks so bought it.

Lee :rotflmao
Posted by Guest on July 02 2002,12:48 pm
With it being 96 degrees lately in Rochester,  we are looking for caches to do at night!!!! How many caches in the
Rochester area  can you do at night?  ???  

Most of the caches in the area parks would  be off limits due to the fact that they close at dusk.  I'm sure there are some that are available, but how do you know which ones?  :(

Just wondering!  :0o

Posted by Hinge Thunder on July 02 2002,1:34 pm
Some have signs saying the park closes at dusk. More of them say at close at 10pm. Some of em only say the parking lot is closed after such and such of time. The ones I have done at night so far have been Mother In Laws Walk, Goose Poop Trail, and Discombobulated Universe. Of course I used a light in planting the Orc's Treasure. Late last year, I almost got caught a couple times by dusk falling as I was at a cache site, and fighting my way out before it got dark. Now I routinely carry multiple lights.
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