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Topic: How do you download waypoints to Meridian Gold?
started by: mrsmom

Posted by mrsmom on Oct. 13 2004,6:37 pm
Okay, maybe I had too much blonde put in my hair this month but I seem to be getting nowhere. I'm trying to fingure out how to download waypoints directly to a Meridian Gold unit from my PC. I have an .loc file. I'm new to Magellan's having only used Garmins previously and the Garmin I had did not have a PC interface cable so this is all pretty new to me. Please help! I'm hoping to have this figured out by tomorrow night!
Posted by welch on Oct. 13 2004,9:39 pm
Do you have the correct cable? (magellan only has one AFAIK, funny looking end with three metal clip things)
What sort of program are you using on the PC? (easygps? something else?)
Can it open loc files, and is it opening whatever your trying to upload w/o problems?(on easygps at least, you have to open the file, and hit send. And of course the gps needs to be connected, and the program probably needs to know what type of unit its sending to.)

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