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Topic: Delete basemap?
started by: welch

Posted by welch on Sep. 17 2004,9:51 pm
ok, so im a garmin owner, but at least temporary I have STmap in the armada  :D .
so anyways, i need some of my ideas cleared up about magellan mapping units (or speically the STmap).
Can I delete the current basemap and replace it with another basemap?
Can I delete the current basemap and replace whatever space its taking up with some other detailed mapsend stuff?

Posted by sledgehampster on Sep. 26 2004,10:04 am
You can NOT replace the current Basemap but you can add to it using < MapSend WorldWide Basemap >
As far as deleting the basemap, anain NO. You can overlay it with a detail map for more detail though.
I use < MapSend TOPO >

Here is a GREAT deal on it. < > (I provide this link as a service only.
I am not connected to this company nor should this be considered an endorsement)
Hope this helps.

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