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started by: PC Medic

Posted by PC Medic on Aug. 30 2004,6:29 pm
We recently had a live chat which included a special guest from Magellan. The topic of discussion as those that joined in are aware, was the recent 'Cache Her If You Can' contest. While a lot of the discussion was around Mission 28 general questions about the contest and other missions were answered as well.

For those that did not get a chance to join in (and those that did), I thought it would be interesting to see how you would actually rate the overall contest.

So on a scale of 1-10 (10 being BEST) how would you rate the overall concept of the contest?  Of course if you have any suggestions or comments, please post those as well.

Posted by ChileHead on Aug. 30 2004,8:17 pm
The clues seemed to lead to a specific park, but not a specific location that you could use your GPSr with.  At the end, the coords were posted, and it was a mad dash from there.  

Those who camped all morning at the area with cell phones ready had the best shot.

I'd rather see the hunt done in such a way that the clues lead to an area, as well as figuring out the coords themselves.  Just posting the coords at the end makes this not as special as it could be.  It would be fun to use the clues posted to find/calculate/decode/??? the actual coords.

Posted by PC Medic on Aug. 31 2004,12:34 pm
Not having one here in my area  :(  the cell phone method never occured to me, but I can see your point. I agree that maybe a puzzle or even multi-part would be a good idea to help reduce this type of activity. Certainly would add to the adventure.

While it certainly wouldn't help in getting one closer to me, maybe including Europe in a future contest would be good to.

Posted by SwampRat311 on Sep. 01 2004,3:38 pm
I agree with ChileHead completely.  I couldn't get out to actually look for the cache but I sure did enjoy following the clues and trying to figure out the puzzle.  I thought it was better than last year's (not just because we had one here, but because it seemed better organized.)  Thanks to Magellan and Quinn for all the hard work!
Posted by welch on Sep. 01 2004,9:30 pm

I found the website very annoying, everytime I wanted to check what was happening I had to copy and paste my funky password. I tried changing it but everytime I got that far the site would time out. So I haven't bothered looking in over a month, not that I expect anything close enough for me to actually visit without a special weekend tripe, but its interesting to read the logs as people try to crack them and the search begins.

Oh, and I (also) think the caches don't use gps very much, at least at the begining. For being a gps manufacture promotion it seems a lot like a vauge letterbox hunt :rolleyes . But good promotion idea and nice prizes!! :thumbs-up

Posted by TEAM 360 on Sep. 21 2004,7:04 pm
I had just moved out of the Phoenix area, up to Prescott, AZ, so I knew I didn't have a chance in **** of getting to the cache before all the coupons were gone.
I think there should still be a FF prize, but also allow the other coupon holders to enter a drawing for a big prize. That way, everyone has a shot at a great prize, not just some hat. Not everyone can have someone sitting at home watching the computer while they are out with their cellphone waiting for the final coords. And put out more clues before releasing those coords!

Posted by Shilfiell on Mar. 07 2005,7:59 am
Boy, this makes it apparent I don't visit these boards that often, doesn't it?   :D
Anyway, I loved the contest.  Yes, I was one of those people camped with cell phones and a helper at home.  I got a coupon, but my, were the coupon prizes cheesy!  Next time reming me that in the same situation I should take a bumper sticker and leave a coupon for the next finder.  It really was hilarious hearing the car engines start up the minute the coords were posted, seeing the great dash to the finish, having to run up that hill...oh, wait, I hated that part.  I know that people were out combing the park for a day or two before the coords were up, but all the clues seemed to point towards the castle area and not the final location.  I almost envy those other missions where someone found the cache by analyzing the clues, then hours later someone else....and since I love Rochester trivia it would have been great if the clues were even tougher.  I had a GREAT time with this mission, though!  I hope we get one next time!   I want my bumper sticker....


Posted by welch on Mar. 08 2005,11:56 pm
Quote (Shilfiell @ Mar. 07 2005,8:59 am)
coupon, but my, were the coupon prizes cheesy!  

guess I didn't pay attention to those... what were they?
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